Unsubscribe me.

Do you get Groupon emails? LivingSocial? SweetJack? DealChicken?….

I sure did. And I hooked myself up with some sweet deals along the way.

I used a LivingSocial coupon to save 60% off a ropes course adventure and literally  jumped off a cliff with my maid of honor a couple weeks before my wedding. I painted gnomes at 50% off. I’ve had many half-off laughs at the local comedy club.  I even had my donation to the Red Cross doubled to help the recovery after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

These deals provided me great joy.

but… they also provided great heartache.

These deals provided a daily reminder of what I didn’t have and what adventures I was missing.  They made me want for more than I needed and at such a good price, it was hard to turn down. I found myself buying stuff I didn’t need. I even had a few deals expire on me because I never got around to using them. It was like a constant “impulse buy close to the register” except that register was in my hand and it took two quick taps to make it mine.

The temptation was overwhelming.

So I said NO MORE!

I went through all of my email accounts (I have way too many) and unsubscribed from every deal email I received and any extra emails that were just flooding my inbox. The only emails I kept were from a few clothing stores. Those only survived the cut because I’ve recently lost a bucket of weight and I’m in the process of (SLOWLY) updating my wardrobe down a size or two. While these stores have frequent sales, clothes are clothes and they don’t excite me the way other deals do.

It has been a little over a month since I completed the purge and it’s been pretty amazing how different I feel. I’ve seen several perks thus far.

1) My email inbox isn’t overwhelming when I wake up. Nearly everything that makes its way to me is important and without all the extra clutter, I can focus on when I need to.

2) I’m more comfortable with myself and am better able to enjoy what I have. Now that I’m not constantly reminded of what else is out there, I can focus on what actually made it into my home.

3) My husband and I have a smaller but more stable grasp on our weekends and adventures. With an expanded horizon, we were able to find some really cool things to do but we were also keenly aware of everything we were missing. We also had been burning the candle too hot. It’s been a nice change of pace to slow down and just spend time with each other and take the adventures we know bring us joy.

4) I’m sure I’ve saved some money along the way

I may be over emphasizing the positive side of cutting these emails out of my life, but it really has made a difference and I don’t see myself going back any time soon.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your inbox? Do you think you could you unsubscribe?


4 thoughts on “Unsubscribe me.

  1. That’s been one of the mst game-changing decisions for me too. I found myself buying stuff all the time, things i never would have thought of if I hadn’t seen them in the email. So, just like i don’t go trawling shops at lunch i don’t subscribe to deal of the day emails any more.

    My realisation – just because it’s a good deal doesn’t mean I have to buy it! I have kept the travel emails though – like your clothes’ ones i don’t feel the same knee-jerk reaction to buy now!

    • I’m glad you’ve found relief through unsubscribing! Who knew those convenient emails were so powerful!
      Funny that you mention the travel emails. I still get those as well and it amazes me how much a great deal on airfare can break my heart when I can’t take advantage of it. Travel is by far my biggest weakness, so it will be interesting to see how much it delays or derails my debt repayment goals!

  2. I like the way gmail now splits your mail into primary, social and promotions. Having said that I do have some subscriptions I should probably cancel. I don’t have a lot of subscriptions to entice me to buy things… but more for things to read that I just don’t bother with anymore. I signed up at one time thinking I was interested but no longer am.

    Glad you found this helped you to manage your spending though!

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