Do you get into March Madness?

I do!

I’ve submitted a bracket for at least the last 10 years. I’ve played in a bunch of different pools with different rules and I have a habit of doing pretty well. I’ve never won a pool, but finishing in the top 3 is not uncommon and I also seem to have an excellent ability to land in 4th place (JUST out of the money).

This year, because I was feeling responsible… Ok, Ok, because my husband was feeling responsible, we didn’t enter a pool that had money involved. When the brackets were released, he suggested that we hold off this year. Any money I’ve ever won has never been significant and it just felt right to keep the money we have instead of risking it.

What a good decision! This is the worst I’ve EVER done. I am in absolutely dead last in my free family pool and there is no hope of improvement.

With no money on the line and my bracket totally busted, I think I’ve had more fun. It’s been a great year for Cinderella stories! I’ve been rooting for the underdogs. Duke losing in the first round?? That’s Crazy! Dayton’s impressive run? Go Flyers!  (Confession: I had to look up what their mascot was.)

I’m excited to see how it all finishes.

Best money I’ve saved in a long time.

How is your bracket doing? Is there a Non-US equivalent to the craziness of March Madness?


One thought on “BUSTED

  1. Glad you’re still enjoying it and not losing money! I don’t follow March Madness but I think some Canadian sports fans do. Did you know the inventor of basketball was Canadian James Naismith?

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