March 2014 Recap

April already? How did that happen?
March just flew by. I guess that’s what happens when you enter the working world. It been amazing how much I cherish weekends now.  Oddly though, I seem to be better at wasting my precious weekend time. I need to work on that.
March was another big month for debt repayment. It was big because it was tax refund time! I was super dedicated and applied every penny of my refunds to my debt.  Doing so helped me accomplish my first big debt milestone! I am officially under $40,000! Yippee! It’s so cool to see a 3 at the beginning of my debt when I log in to my account. I can’t wait to see a 2! Gosh that’ll be nice!
Debt Progress
End of February Debt: $42,280
End of March Debt: $38,650
In March, I put a total of $ 3850 toward my debt! Wowzers! Until I just added it up, I didn’t even realize I paid off that much! Go me!
For comparison, that’s 4,247 CAD or 2,315 GBP. And just for fun, 399,182 Yen.
It has been nice to have 2 great repayment months back to back. I’ve made a serious dent in my student loans and that’s been a big help keeping my motivation up! Hopefully, debt repayment will still be as groovy when my payments drop and level off.
Fingers crossed!
How was your March?



2 thoughts on “March 2014 Recap

  1. Holy Crow! What a huge chunk of money! And that’s awesome that you’re now in the 30’s instead of 40’s. That probably feels pretty awesome 🙂

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