Update: Pre-Easter Challenge

Happy Easter! As my Momma (adorably and often) says, “He is Risen!”  I hope you had a very nice weekend. Easter was especially fun for me. I got to spend Sunday with my sisters and their new puppy, Pip! By new, I mean brand spankin’ new. They got him on Saturday. He’s so tiny and so cute. His older doggie brothers, however, were not impressed.

Now that Easter has come and gone, it’s time for me to post the results of my Lenten challenge! As you may recall, I gave up a convenience near and dear to my heart for Lent. For 40 days, I tried to go without lunch out at work. This meant tightening the reigns on my love for Chipotle.

I wish I could say I made it 100%, but alas, I did not. I fell victim to two lunches out.

The first was a bit of a perfect storm. I volunteer on Thursday evenings, and one night I didn’t get home until 10:00 p.m.! Then I got so excited that I had the money to pay off loan #4, that I stayed up until at least 1:00 a.m. fiddling around with my numbers. Then I overslept. And we were long overdue for grocery shopping. Ooof.

The second time was more lazy on my part. It was again a Friday morning. I was sleepy and running late. I didn’t want to get creative and make a lunch from what was left in the fridge. It was slim pickins’.

There was some good news! Cutting out lunch had a somewhat unexpected perk. Eliminating lunch also eliminated my Latte factor.  By not going out to lunch, I removed the thought of spending money while at work from my mindset. I did not have a single coffee shop coffee in all of the 40 days. My Starbucks factor was never out of control, but it was nice to save some extra dollars.

I expected to save $62.28 if I didn’t have any slip ups. Overall, I spent $15.36.  A $47 savings. 

Not bad.

The biggest thing I took away from this is that it really is not hard to bring lunch to work every day. Meal planning was a big help, but throwing something together last minute is pretty easy too. The only “failures” I had were when I didn’t set myself up for success. An empty fridge is easy to avoid. I just need to make it to the grocery store more often. I’d also probably set myself up for an easy win if I picked up a few freezer ready meals just in case.

Now that the challenge is over, I still plan to bring my lunch at least 4 days a week. I’ve formed a nice lunch group at work and I don’t want to abandon them!

Did you have a nice Easter weekend? Do you have any go-to lunch meals?


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