Medical expenses strike back…

My husband’s BFF had a bit of a going away gathering this week. This gathering involved seeing a lot of friendly faces we haven’t seen in a long time. It was so fun to catch up with friends and give this BFF a proper send off.

While I was chatting away, I heard my husband telling his “back pill story.” I know what you are thinking, we are a blast at parties.

In short, over a period of like 6 months, he started bruising like crazy. “Someone is beating him while I’m away” crazy. It seemed like everyday he came home with a new deep dark purple bruise. I panicked and thought he had Leukemia (logical reaction). Then I had my ah-ha moment. He’d been taking an aspirin based pain pill to help cope with his back pain for the exact same period of time. Once he switched off the aspirin, the bruising stopped almost immediately. Blood thinning is real people.

I thought that was the end of the story. Apparently, it wasn’t. He went on to say that his back is still “killing him” on a regular basis and is really bothering him.

Um… What?

Shouldn’t he be talking to his wife about this? Not someone he sees once every few months.

[insert serious marital discussion here]

While I was in school, money was tight and any medical expenses we could “comfortably” delay, we did. After our discussion, it became clear that we have a few medical expenses we need to address. Soon. I don’t think we’ve done any lasting damage, but taking care of these things needs to be priority #1.

The next day at work, I increased my paycheck deductions for my HSA to the max. I have no idea how much all of this is going to cost, but I prefer my medical expenses tax-free. My paycheck will take a hit with the extra deduction, but hopefully this won’t set us back too far on my debt elimination goals.

We are in the process of making appointments. Wish us luck.

Have you been sidetracked by medical expenses?


9 thoughts on “Medical expenses strike back…

  1. We’ve been going through the “anything we could reasonably delay, we would” for the past 8 months. It totally sucked. And we’re not in the States, so our Dr appointments don’t cost out of pocket, or any of that stuff. So it really just medication, specialist appointments, and the dentist. Now that we have benefits again it will likely eat into a good part of our budget for the next month or so.

    I hope everything gets straightened out, and it’s nothing too serious!

  2. Hi Kate, I hope everything went well. A few years ago, I really had a severe cramping of my stomach that I thought I’m going to die that time. We are not financially stable at that time because I was married very young and thankfully all the Doctor’s tests are negative.

  3. Like Alicia, we are in Canada so our Dr Appointments are covered and I have a great benefits plan. What I do find derails our budget is if my husband has to be off work for an amount of time since he doesn’t have paid sick leave for non-work related injuries.

    Aspirin messes with my husband as well. I hope your husband gets it figured out so you don’t have to worry!

    • No PTO would be nerve-wracking. That’s a quick way to lose a lot of expected income! At least you don’t have to worry about crazy expensive medical bills on top of that!
      I hope we can get it figured out too. Until then, its all a big unknown.

  4. I have degenerating discs in my lower back since my thirties so I know literally what a pain this is. Best remedy is physio and building up core strength. Keep away from drugs except during a critical flare up for a couple of days until physio can get you mobile again. I do have Valium on hand which helps with muscle spasms. This only happens when I do something stupid like work in the garden for an extended period and then sit on my ass for a few hours straight after that. Need to keep moving after things like that.

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