May 2014 Recap

Oh hey, May!

Hello friends. Sorry, I’ve been MIA lately. Things have been crazy around these parts. Some good, some bad, mostly expensive. Overall, it has all been just a bit more than I can handle. I’ll fill you in soon.

My biggest slice of awesome this month was the fact that I completed my first 5k! I was fully supported by my family. My husband and Momma cheered me on from multiple spots along the course. My darling little sister was the one who greeted me at the finish line and put the medal around my neck. Gosh, it was a great feeling.

To top it all off, I beat my goal time. I sprinted with gusto for the last 0.1 mile to make sure I came in under my goal. The crowd cheered. I did my best and it paid off. 🙂

I’m already signed up for my next 5k in July. I think I’m hooked.

As for money, life in general got more expensive this month. My paycheck took a hit with my increased HSA contributions. The bad and the expensive came out of my take home pay.

Even with those extra expenses, I was still able to make a grand contribution to my loans this month. The biggest help came from a little money shuffling. I’m one of those people that has way too many savings accounts for different goals. Some of these savings accounts had too much of a buffer, just sitting there, so I shifted over the excess to my loans.

Every little bit helps!

Debt Progress

End of April Debt: $34,985

End of May Debt: $33,036

That’s $1949 paid off this month!

Since 1949 sounds more like a year than a debt payoff amount, here are some fun facts about 1949.

  • West Germany was established.
  • Israel was admitted to the United Nations.
  • Apartheid became official government policy in South Africa.
  • The first polaroid camera was sold for $89.95.
  • The first Volkswagen Beetle was sold in the U.S.
  • Bruce Springsteen and Meryl Streep were born.

1949 was a pretty big year. $1949 is a pretty big payoff.

My debt payment this month was still most excellent, but it took a lot of reorganization and planning to come up with the money. I think my payments are only going to get smaller from here. I’m not sure where I can find extra cash without truly hustling.

Hustling or not, I should be under $30,000 by August 1!

How did you do in May? 


7 thoughts on “May 2014 Recap

  1. Congrats on a debt payment equal to a pretty cool year (I LOVE Meryl Streep and Bruce Springsteen). And congrats on your 5k! I tried to use the app “couch to 5k” to see if I could train myself, but gave up half way through when I determined that running was really not my thing. I am more of a pilates/yoga person.

    • Thanks! I trained using the C25k program. This last round was my 4th attempt to finish it over the past 5 years. I guess I really wanted to finish it! I’ve never taken a pilates class, but yoga is the best. Now if only my gym would offer it again!

  2. congrats about the 5K! I so admire people that run; I can’t at all.

    I hear you on the tension — needing to hustle for more money, not really having time to do it…. Good luck and keep goin’, we’re all in this together.

  3. Aren’t you awesome! My first 5k felt amazing. I ran it with two of my closest friends who turned into running buddies. We did the C25K as well, and it was so great to have all that support because otherwise I would have caved in about week four. But I couldn’t this way, and it made me way stronger in the long run.

    You put nearly $2,000 towards debt!!! That’s ah-mazing! And I love your random facts about the year 🙂

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