Obituary: Loan 3

Obituary for Loan 3.

Early in the morning of Friday August 8, 2014, Loan 3 was sent to its final resting place. Loan 3 had a short battle with Kate’s Financial Fortitude (KFF). There is no cure for KFF. Once stricken with KFF, all loans eventually succumb to the disease. Loan 3 is preceded in death by Loan 1 & 2.  Loan 3 is survived by its identical twin brother Loan 4 and big brother Loan 5 (“Bubba”).  Unfortunately, Loan 4 has recently come down with KFF. Doctors predict Loan 4 has approximately 5 months to live.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to your own financial obligations.


12 thoughts on “Obituary: Loan 3

    • Thanks DC! We sure do have different perspectives, but I may be coming to your side. I thought a lot about what you said last night and moving forward I plan to shift over any money above my emotionally defined minimum to my investments. Win-win.

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