A friendly reminder to live life.

As I’m writing this, my plane leaves in a few hours. By the time this publishes, I’ll be in London.

My bags are packed. My information is copied and stashed appropriately. Our families have our itineraries. Passport. Check. Currencies. Check. Husband. Check.

Everything in my control is in order. Let’s go.

Outside of my control, things are a bit on edge.

The volcano in Iceland erupted this morning. There have been nearly constant tremors and earthquakes for the past week. The last time its brother volcano erupted, the airspace over Europe was closed for 6 days. Everyone was stuck. Stranded. When the volcano erupted this morning, the airspace over Iceland was temporarily closed. If the volcano erupts again (which is what happened last time), the airspace will likely close for a while.

Also this morning, the UK raised their terror threat level. With ISIS/ISIL, Syria and everything else going on, things are getting tense. Everything is still functioning, but tense.

As both of these things unfolded, I got a text message from a dear friend– worried about us and our trip. He may be a bit over concerned based on the current situation, but between ash from the volcano and terror threats from ISIS, I’m choosing to expose myself to extra uncontrollable risks.

Traveling today has a lot of extra worries that we didn’t have before. Terror, Volcanos, Missing Planes, Russia shooting planes out of the sky.  As each new worry presents itself, it affected me. My stomach dropped, my heart hurt. What if something happens to me?

But then I remember, there is nothing I can do about it. 

There is always going to be something going on in the world trying to prevent you from doing what you want to do. However, living in fear and staying home because of an unmanageable risk is no way to live.  Be safe, of course, but hiding from threats you have no control over will get you no where.

So please don’t hide. Get out there and live this life.  It’s the only one you have.


3 thoughts on “A friendly reminder to live life.

  1. Totally agreed! I find ignoring the news as much as possible helps, I had no idea we’ve raised our threat level and therefore have had no extra stress thinking about it 🙂

    Definitely pays to know what’s going on if travelling abroad though that’s for sure!

    Enjoy your trip, just realised my budget advice was about a week too late… Apologies.

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