August 2014 Recap

Does writing a recap of August mean that summer is officially over? I think so.

😦 bummer 😦

August was busy, but mostly in good ways. With leaving for our UK Trip on the 29th,  there was a physical end cap on our summer. Hubs used this time restraint to cram as much into August as we could. We probably didn’t go out any more than we normally do, but there was added pressure because “We have to do this before the trip!”

I think Hubs is scared of empty lazy weekends. Loungearoundaphobia?

August is also when all of my out of town family comes back home. It happens every year, but every year it’s a big deal. I love hanging out with everyone, but it got a bit taxing for me as the only family member that left the small town nest without moving to the other side of the world. Every event was back home (45 min drive) or at my sister’s house (an hour away). Oof that’s a lot of gas.

We renewed our lease this month. Initially, the landlord wanted a 4.5% increase, but we got it down to 2.2%. In this rental market, I knew an increase was coming. I’m just glad it didn’t totally destroy my budget. It was also fun to negotiate! (You would know this if you follow me on Twitter! Come tweet with me! —————————————->)

My debt repayment this month was good. As you may have read in the obituary, I paid off Loan #3 in early August. It was a sad day in the Loan community but Gosh, that felt good to pay off another loan. Being under $30k in debt and only having 2 remaining loans feels different. It was like a physical weight off my shoulders. I can’t wait to have 1 and then none!

The money to pay off loan #3 came from my renter’s tax refund. If it weren’t for that, I would have only paid $700 on my loans this month. Thank you renter’s refund!

….and the survey says!

Debt Progress

End of July Debt: $29,167

End of August Debt: $27,594

That’s $1573 paid off this month!

My debt numbers are a little lower this month due to the trip. The CC bill has been creeping up over the last two months as we booked various things. Our travel fund technically covered everything we spent, but I decided to cash flow the trip instead of draining the travel account. Priorities guys. I also typically make a loan payment with my second paycheck, but I left my paycheck untouched just in case we needed extra cash on the trip. The “cushion” payment will be reflected in my September numbers.

Overall, a pretty good debt repayment month. I want to get a little (okay, a lot) tighter with my spending so I can keep on pace with my December 2015 payoff date. Now that summer and all of its activities are coming to a close, hopefully this will be possible.

How was your August? 


6 thoughts on “August 2014 Recap

  1. Nice job Kate! To put that much towards debt, to kill a creditor (figuratively) and to enjoy an awesome trip abroad – well you’re kicking butt!

    I know what you mean about going down to fewer creditors – it’s such a nice feeling to owe money to two sources. And next month I will be down to 1 after my shuffling around. I’m so pumped, even though it’s a slightly daunting figure now that it is all accumulated in one place. 🙂

    • Oh thank you! Kicking butt is fun!

      I know what you mean about having it all with one creditor. All my loans but the big boy have been under $8k. Bubba is hovering just over $20k. Eek! It is time to tackle Goliath!

  2. Well done, Kate! I’m pretty sure you’ll make your december 2015 goal!

    August was great, both financially and in general. Saved a lote more than I expected and the move to a new appartment really enhanced my social contacts.

    Keep it up,

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