September 2014 Recap

September was fabulous, but it always is. It started in London where I got to spend a evening with my cousin. I haven’t seen her in years and it was so fun to catch up. Then to Scotland! What a beautiful country. I’ve never met so many nice people in a row! If you have the chance to go to Scotland, go. It’s the best.

Shortly after we got home, my dear friend got married. The ceremony was so sweet. In a wonderful sequence of events, she met her husband at Hubs and my wedding. 5 years ago, she introduced me to Hubs.  Can the circle of introductions get anymore awesome than that? I submit that it cannot.

I had my final 5k of the summer this month. I didn’t have time to train properly over the last month so I didn’t know how I’d do. Well! With the help of an incredibly fast course,  gorgeous scenery, leaves in full color and a great support system, I took 1:56 of my PR time! *happy dance*

In the biggest news on the blog this month, after your encouragement on my 7 Facts about Me Versatile Blogger post, I came out to Hubs! At first he didn’t care. After 24 hours, he’s been nothing but supportive. He’s read all of my posts and some of my tweets! Sometimes he uses my own words against me, but I’ll take it. A happy supportive husband makes for a happy supported me!

….now to the numbers!

Debt Progress

End of August Debt: $27,594

End of September Debt: $25,485

That’s $2109 paid off this month!

It is kind of surreal how fast these loans are going away. When I signed up for these loans back in 2010, I knew I wanted to pay them back on an accelerated schedule, but I didn’t expect them to go away this fast. I’ve gone from $45,330 in debt to $25,485 in 10 months. That’s $19,845 of debt gone.  Anyone have $155? 🙂

How was your September? 


6 thoughts on “September 2014 Recap

  1. A $2k debt payoff in a month is amazing! And $20k in 10 months, even more!

    You’re an inspiration! And it’s so great that your husband is supportive, it definitely helps being accountable to someone, especially your partner.

  2. You’re killing it! So awesome 🙂

    I love the full circle of introductions!

    Also, isn’t it the worst when those guys use our own words against us? My fiance doesn’t read all my posts – honestly, he probably just reads whatever is above the fold and then clicks away. But when he does there’s always a comment “I didn’t know X”… or “you said Y”. 🙂

    • WoooT!

      Oh boys. So silly. It will be interesting to see how long it takes Hubs to comment or write a guest post. He’s got his own debt story to share. If he holds out, I might just tell it for him 😀

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