October 2014 Recap

I love monthly updates. Tallying up the numbers, reflecting on how the month has gone, thinking ahead for next month. It’s good.

October was a good month in many different ways.

Early in the month, I had to step away. I was obsessing about money and doing nothing productive about it. I was encouraged to hear that many of you have gone through this same frustration. I don’t know where I’m going from here. It has been refreshing to try to step away, but I know my money habits have a lot of room for improvement.  It’s all a journey, I guess.

One bright side of my destructive behavior was that Hubs and I had a lot of chats about it. One of the big things that came up was one thing we hadn’t really talked about: Whose debt is this? I think of it as my debt and nearly everything paid on them so far has been from my savings and my paycheck. But he thinks of my loans as our debt and wanted to contribute. What a guy. His reasoning was that the education I paid for with my loans is going to help both of us, so why shouldn’t both of us contribute? Gosh, I love him.

In my time away, I’ve been focusing on getting better about eating and working out. I bought a Polar heart rate monitor watch and it arrived just before Halloween. I’ve used it a few times and it is already proving to be a very effective tool. I jumped on board Tonya’s Health and Wealth Challenge over at Budget and the Beach.  With my new watch, a challenge and a positive attitude, I may just be unstoppable! Today is your last day if you’d like to join me!

Let’s get to the numbers …

Debt Progress

End of September Debt: $25,485

End of October Debt: $21,875

That’s $3610 paid off this month!


Maybe I should “ignore my debt” more often. I kid.

To get to this number, I had help from a few places. I had two checks from my birthday because my family is awesome. Thanks family! I also had help from Hubs. He’s been working a crazy amount of overtime this past month. We were mostly responsible with the money and used a good chunk of it to make an extra loan payment.

This month’s huge payments puts me at $23,455 paid off this year. That is more than my first stretch goal!  On to my second stretch goal! I need to pay off $1545 in the next 2 months.

The most excellent thing on the horizon is Loan #4 will be paid off in November, 1-2 months ahead of schedule. Then I will be down to just 1 (really big) loan. I’m so excited I can barely handle it!

How was your October? 


8 thoughts on “October 2014 Recap

  1. You kicked ass!! Nicely done 🙂 I’d say you do need to step away from your money more often… and get birthday gifts, overtime, etc 🙂

  2. You have paid off a hige amount!

    I know how you feel about whose debt is it. Every now and again my partner offers money to clear my debt but it is his savings and I’d rather he kept them for emergencies.

  3. Very well done! Sometimes taking a step back can let you just refresh a little and come back stronger. I’m glad to see you posting again — I always like reading what you have to say. Congrats on the big loan payment!

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