Week 2: Health & Wealth Challenge

Welcome to Week TWO of Tonya’s Health and Wealth Challenge over at Budget and the Beach. As a reminder (more for myself than for you), the rules of the challenge are:


  1. Exercise for at least 10 minutes 5x/week
  2. Create one new healthy habit


  1. Find a new way to make or save money.

Last week I did pretty great. Lots of work outs, nearly all of it tracked and I saved a ton.

This week was a bit different.


My workouts were alright. I got in a few and the times I made it to the gym were intense. However, my overall activity was down this week. I blame it on the snow. I didn’t even make it to Yoga this week. I’ve made it to Yoga every Monday for the last 3 months. Get it together Kate!

Total active days: 4*

*If standing outside and shivering like the dickens counts as exercise, I give myself 7/7.


There still is no hustle in my game. I did help my sister with her math homework on Sunday, but she didn’t pay me…. and she ate my food. Did I lose money on that deal?

I found $0.03 {because I’m a baller}. I also discovered that my free art exhibit tickets were worth $70, instead of $64. #winning. I went with my sisters and we had a fabulous time.

I’ve been Swagbucks-ing and am nearly up to my $25 goal. Not bad, not bad! If you are interested in joining Swagbucks, click here to check it out!

I listed one more book on Amazon. Unfortunately, I didn’t sell anything over the last week.

As for my other goals for last week

  1. No pop. — Fail. I had 2 fountain drinks and several sips of Hubs’ A&W.
  2. 1 min plank every day. —  Nope, but I did do 7 minutes of planks over the week! Does that count?
  3. Lower my internet bill. — I called! The service rep informed me that it would cost more to adjust the bill now because my promo period is still in place. He told me to call back next month. Did I get scammed?

Cheers to a healthy and wealthy new week!

Did you join the challenge? Do you have any after work side hustle ideas?


4 thoughts on “Week 2: Health & Wealth Challenge

  1. usertesting.com has been pretty good to me in the side-hustle department. I’ve made about $1500 there since March. It’s very inconsistent — some weeks you qualify for a bunch of stuff, others you get nothing — but it pays pretty well ($10 per 10-15 minute time block) and it’s not too hard.

  2. Sounds like a good week, even though you missed Yoga.

    Sometimes it feels like it’s a full-time job finding side hustles. Try izea. I haven’t used it, but have heard it’s a good little side hustle.

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