Week 3: Health & Wealth Challenge

Welcome to Week Three of Tonya’s Health and Wealth Challenge over at Budget and the Beach.

As a recap – Week 1 was good. Lots of work outs, nearly all of it tracked and I saved a bunch. Week 2 was alright. I didn’t track as much as I wanted to, but I did have an overall alright week.

This week was a bit different.


Oh goodness. I had three great workouts early in the week and then I did a whole lotta nothing. My walks to and from the bus every day probably count as 10 minutes of exercise, but good gracious I felt like I bump on a log this week. Must do better. #fail.


There was a lot of spending this week. Lots of it. I bought a car, new winter boots and a Sonicare toothbrush. I went through the sweet details of my car earlier in the week. I managed to get 15% off my boots because my work is awesome.  The toothbrush was essentially 50% off through Sam’s Club. The toothbrush deal was so good because I bought a 2-pack. Now I just have to convince Hubs to use it, otherwise I paid too much.

This is really just me saying I spent a lot of money this week but got good deals.

My biggest save this week was getting confirmation for my Winter Wonderland vacation in early December! This is a major save because for all 3 nights in the King Suite, my total cost was a whopping $0. It saves to have friends in the right places!! I’m pretty sure food is covered all 4 days as well. Now I just have to pay for gas to get to the resort and any activities we want to do in the snow.

The only thing I have planned is showing off my awesome new boots!

Tofino Cate

Sorel Tofino Cate! They were practically calling my name!

Did you join the challenge? How was your week?


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