November 2014 Recap

Oh November. You came so quick and got so cold. I can’t say I’m excited to see you go. That just means winter is officially here.

This is me. Equally as pale!

I had a happy November, but for no single tangible reason. My stress was down and due to the progress I made on my loans, I was flying a bit on cloud 9.

I purchased my car this month and so far so good! My only concern is the financing. The original loan amount was for $13,500 + the $75 origination fee (fees, fees, everywhere!). However, the loan balance listed on my online banking is $13,679. Hmmmms. I need to make a call to a banker and figure this out. I hope it’s the total amount I will pay on the loan. We’ll see.

As someone who has lived in the tundra for all but 1 year of my life, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I finally bought proper winter boots. Bonus: they are adorable! Unfortunately, they were too tight with calf-high wool socks and toe warmers. It was a bit of a run around to get them exchanged for the right size. Apparently, I wanted a popular boot at a popular time in a very popular size!

Thanksgiving was wonderful but very small. Half of my family was warm in Arizona, sending me pictures of their tan lines. JERKS. The other half made Thanksgiving so perfectly low key. Even better, when Christmas came up, we all decided that there would be no gifts this year. Just togetherness. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

Most importantly, November started my Marvel education. This month, I watched Ironman, Ironman 2 and Thor. The movies are good, but more importantly, they’ve given me a connection to my baby sister. We’ve been close her entire life but have drifted apart since I moved away from home. (She’s also nearly 16. Hanging out with her big Sis isn’t exactly priority one right now.) She’s a huge Marvel fan and talking Marvel is the only way I’ve found to get her to answer my texts/calls. If I need to learn to quote Marvel movies to get my baby back, I’m all in.

And to the numbers! …

Debt Progress

End of October Student Loan Debt: $21,875

End of November Student Loan Debt: $18,596

That’s $3279 paid off this month!

So not only did I cut my student loan debt down to 1 loan, but I broke through the $20,000 barrier. It was a really weird feeling to get into the TEENS. I felt like I was practically debt free. I didn’t realize how much my loans were affecting me until I reached this milestone.  I walked taller, I was more confident. Holy Crap! These bad boys are almost gone.

Since starting this journey, I’ve paid off $26734. That means I’ve blown through all three of my stretch goals and it’s only November. That means I need a new goal! While I’d love to pay off $30,000 in one year, I don’t think that’s possible. I’ll “settle” for $29,000. That seems well within my reach.

I should have one good debt repayment month before things slow down and my paychecks are smaller. Here’s to a good December!

How was your November? Is it ridiculously cold where you live?


8 thoughts on “November 2014 Recap

  1. Paying over $3,000 is awesome! I haven’t been able to go that high yet, but there have been a few months this year I surpassed $1000. On a weather note, it was getting warm here, but its dropped back into the 40s again.

  2. Congrats on the $3,000 loan reduction, Kate! Keep up the good work!

    Also, I’m freezing my *insert body part* off right now. Considering it was over 15°C only two weeks ago, it’s really weird that temperatures are hovering around 0°C now.

    Best wishes,

  3. Yay to that much debt paid off, shiver to the thought of needing toe warmers in your boots consistently. 🙂 Seriously, that’s an amazing amount.

    I think making major milestones — whether you started with $150,000 in debt like the law students, and have just gotten under $100,000, or whether you started with $20,000 and just made it under $10,000, or whatever it is — is a huge boost. It does make you feel like you’re almost there, no matter what the objective situation is. And if you’ve killed this much this year, then 2015 should see the rest of the student loan go easily, and a decent chunk of the car loan too. Do you have some goals you’re thinking about for after you’re out of debt? As I look down the hallway towards the light on that one, I’ve been thinking about it myself….

    • We are actually coming into a heat wave! One weatherman said it could be 50 degrees over the next month! That’s crazy!! The cold around here has definitely made me question why I live here more than ever.

      Milestones are so important. It’s been interesting for me to see which ones effect me. For some reason, crossing the $30k threshold didn’t do anything for me. It was nice to see a 2, but I didn’t feel different. And Fun fact: I am a law grad. I just lived really small in law school and was fortunate to have a scholarship.

      I’ve got a couple goals in my head, but I have to write them down. My paychecks are changing significantly in January, so I’m kind of waiting to see how big the changes are until I make any goals. No point in making goals just to break them 🙂

      • That’s really great that you got out of law school with a third as much as most people seem to.

        I hear you on the changing paychecks — I did that this summer when I changed jobs and I was really reluctant to make firm plans until I got the first one and knew exactly what I was going to have.

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