My money nightmare

Have you ever had a nightmare about money? I’m not talking about your worst case scenario where someone throws their hands in the air and says ‘This is a nightmare!” I’m talking about a horrible dream where you wake up physically upset afterward.

I had one on Monday morning. I was so upset when I woke up that I considered calling in sick or at least late to work because I was so overwhelmed.  I’m glad I didn’t call in because once I got up and told Hubs about my dream, my brain slowly stopped being so angry and I had a normal day.

Here is what my brain decided to torture me with between 6:20 and 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning.

I went to the mall with Hubs. Everything was normal but he said he needed to make a stop at the Pandora Jewelry store. When we got there, he had something on reserve so he just had to pay for it. What he ended up buying was a Pandora bracelet for $499. Then he paid $64 for a sapphire charm bead (50% off!) and $79 for the charm to be polished and treated with some special chemical.

My birthstone is the sapphire and these bracelets are typically purchased for women, so I tried to talk Hubs out of it. I didn’t want the bracelet. I probably would never wear it and it was $642 before tax. That money could easily be spent elsewhere on something more meaningful.

He informed me that the bracelet was for him (wtf?) and that he was so frustrated with how tight I am with money that he just wanted to spend and didn’t really care what he was spending on.

I stormed out and he paid for the item. When he found me, he was wearing a cheap looking, too tight bracelet with the charm. I tried to talk to him about it, but he taunted me about the incident. He stood far enough away from me where I had to talk too loud in the open space and it ended up turning into a scene. He kept saying that we make good money, he should be able to spend it on whatever he wants.

It was around this point that he was holding a small Asian child and I realized it was a dream and not real.  I woke up still angry and feeling humiliated (in the imaginary mall). It took 15 minutes for those feelings to completely go away.

What a great way to start Monday, right?

After shaking off my morning grumps, here is where I determined my dream to come from:

  1. My sister’s boss allegedly owns several Pandora Jewelry stores.
  2. My sister told me she was buying a lot of her Christmas gifts at her work because she gets 50% off. I told her 50% off or not, don’t buy any gifts you can’t afford.
  3. Hubs really wants a new sectional couch. He wants to buy it now, I want to buy it when my student loans are paid off.
  4. We have the money for the couch in savings. I want to use that money for his Roth IRA next year and he wants to use it for the couch.

Apparently those 4 facts are enough to give me a rough start to my Monday. I still have no idea where the small Asian child came from.

Have you ever had a nightmare about money?


8 thoughts on “My money nightmare

  1. I have had a ton of bad dreams about money. I had the worst ones when my husband was unemployed for 1.5 months last year. That was a scary time in our lives. I dreamt about all kinds of bad things that didn’t actually happen.

    • Oh no! The uncertainty of unemployment is so stressful! The worst part for me is waking up not knowing if it was a dream or not. I’ve stayed mad at Hubs for too long because I thought the argument we had in my dream was real. Oops.

  2. I dream about a lot of weird things and I am sure a lot of those things come back to money, but they’re not so obvious. Like last night I was in Thailand with my two co-workers (one of whom is pescetarian) and I thought he was eating clementine wedges… turns out they were goldfish? I dunno what that means 🙂

    • Hahahaha! As someone who loves clementines and refuses to eat fish, that’s such a horrible dream! But you may have solved the mystery of where the small asian child came from! lol

  3. I have stress dreams about work, and I guess they’re indirectly about money — if I’m not good at my job, i won’t have it anymore, and…. Trying to remember if I’ve ever had one like this. Probably, but not often enough that they’ve stuck in my mind. You’re right, not a great way to start the week. 😦

  4. I don’t recall ever having money nightmares… More like… Job security nightmares. Losing my job or whatnot. I mean the fear is rooted to not being able to pay bills though. But it’s always more job related than actually money.

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