2015 Goals

2014 was my first year setting goals and following up with them. I really enjoyed it, but I also found that some of my goals were too wishy washy to be effective. “Eat Clean-er”? What the heck was I thinking!?

I tried to be more deliberate in 2015. Each goal comes with a plan.

I turned my priorities upside down this year. I gave too much of my focus to my loans in 2014 and let my other priorities fall off the radar. My health and fitness are priority #1 in 2015, so it comes first. Second for the year is my lifestyle goals. Here is proof that for once in my life, travel is not number one. Be shocked, because I am. I won’t be able to see and do the things I want to do if I don’t have a body that can support me. So, travel is #2. My third priority for the year is my finances. It is easy to put this third because so much is mentally automatic now. However, nearly nothing is automated because I’m too much of an intermeddling dweezel to pick numbers and leave them alone.

So here goes!


1. Lose 40 lbs.

There it is. Priority Number One. I’ve let my weight creep up over the last few months and it needs to stop. My focus is going to be on strength training and running. The strength training could prevent me from dropping 40 lbs, but I’m willing to accept < 25% body fat as an acceptable substitute.

2. Complete 3 races.

Last year I completed three 5ks. I plan to run the same 3 again and am looking to possibly add a fourth. I am playing with the idea of running a longer race (10 mi), but my body will decide if that’s right. (Hips! Don’t fail me now!)


1. Read 12 Books.

Last year, I read 16. So far this year, I’ve read 2.  I turned into quite the book worm last year and I’d like that to continue at a more reasonable pace. There is no need to read all the things, just 10 more books.

2. Hustle into $1000.

Though I snagged my first side hustling gig in November, I’m still an uncomfortable hustler. With a full time job, and a lot of weight to lose, $1000 seems reasonable. I would love to increase this, but I need to put my actions before any lofty aspirations.

3. See the Caribbean and Florida!

We’ve already booked a Caribbean Cruise, but we need to finish planning and paying for it. We are also planning a 3 day stop over at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. I am going to Harry Potter Nerd Out all over that place. It’s going to be epic. And by epic, I mean me explaining all my excitement to Hubs who could not care less about HP.


1. Increase my Net Worth by $100/day.

Bridget over at Money After Graduation threw down a bold challenge of increasing your net worth by $100/day or $36,500 in 2015. If I can maintain my current expenses, I might just get there! Even if I can’t get there, I’m going to try. I’ve got my first net worth post coming soon!

2. Max out my Roth IRA.

Thanks to liquidating my House Fund, I fully funded my Roth in 2014. This allows me to start funding my 2015 Roth in January of 2015! I initially planned to fund it over 16 months (finishing in April 2016), but I decided to go for it in 12. Why rob my 2016 Roth when I could give my money more time in the market?

3. Finish my Student Loans

With only $6340 left, my loans are my top priority but in a weird way. I’m so close to the end and have so much momentum, it feels like I’ve made the cake and now all I have to do is clean up the kitchen. My goal is to have them paid off in April.

4. Save $17,000 for a Down Payment

After my loans are finished (There will be a funeral. You are invited. Save the Date!), 98% of my effort shifts to the Down Payment Fund (DPF!). From April 2014 to the end of the last year, I paid off a little more than $18,000. While I would love to continue at break neck speed, I foresee a few expenditures between now and then.

>>>Side Goal: Draining my House Fund to pay off my loans feels a little like cheating to me. To maintain my financial integrity, I strive to refill my House Fund to its initial level by September 2015 – my 29th birthday.

5. Leave my Car Loan Alone!

This seems a little silly to include this, but I want cooler heads to prevail over my car loan. Hubs has hinted several times that he wants to pay it off early. With our other priorities, I want to make sure that the car loan stays last. The interest rate is excellent and it’s completely automated.  Now, I just need to leave it alone.


There you have it: my goals for 2015! A few of these goals, I will be tracking monthly. The rest I will follow up quarterly. Here’s to Health, Life and Wealth in 2015!

Have you set 2015 goals?


15 thoughts on “2015 Goals

  1. woo! 40 lbs is a lot, but you sound pretty dedicated. I’ll be rooting for you. I know what you mean about your finances seeming automatic — you’ve been making so much progress that it just seems like a cakewalk now, huh?

    • I never won at Cakewalks so I’m going to say this is nothing like a cakewalk! I’m just so used to having so much of my paycheck going to my loans, I don’t plan for it to go toward anything else.
      I hope I can stay as committed to finally wising up about my weight. I’ve been battling it for my entire life and made good progress last year but fell back into bad habits. I need to apply my discipline to my eating and working out.

  2. You and I have a few similar goals. I want to lose 30 pounds (or so) this year. And I also set myself 12 books to read.And I plan to max out my RRSPs (which I am told is like the US’ 401K). Good luck with your goals.

  3. Getting specific is key. I also found that it helps me to be focused which is why I only set one goal for 2015. Everything I already do – working out, cooking, etc- already takes so long to keep up and maintain, it’s hard to make room for new habits all at the same time.

    • Too many goals can certainly be overwhelming. I feel like a lot of mine are really the same goal (Live small) and then where I want the money divided. If I had to pick one, getting in shape would be #1. Of all the things I hope to do this year, that is the one that doesn’t come naturally in some manner.

  4. Great goals. I think you’re very dedicated, so you should be fine 🙂 Re: your running goals, I really hope you meant 10km rather than 10mi for the longer distance. A 16km race is 3/4 of a half marathon!! And having “only” run 5k’s, I would think stepping it up gradually would be better.

    I also had that trouble of wanting to pay down low-interest debt to get it over with (my 0% personal loan), but I let myself go with it how I had written the cheques… even if it was painful 🙂

    • I’m still pondering the running goals. I don’t want to break myself just so I can run long distances. I have the romantic notion in my head that I will run a half marathon, but that’s probably a horrible idea.
      The low interest debt is weird. The interest makes me feel like its free money and I’m being responsible with it, so there’s no harm. Its also a bit annoying though to say “I’m debt free!*”
      * except for my car loan.

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