March 2015 Recap & Net Worth

March was a big month! Lots of goings on. Let’s get into it!


Apparently, March is when people in my life announce job changes. Between my moms, sister and best friend, I can barely keep up. It’s all been good news so far. I may have my own job news to share soon. I would really appreciate it if you could keep everything crossed and think the good thoughts. It would be a pretty big deal.

2. Travelers Anonymous

I had a reunion mid-month with my study abroad group. There were 50 of us that spent the year together in England. This may have been our biggest gathering since we landed back on American soil 8 years ago. It was such a magnificent time. It was a bit of a brain bender to see so many of us together at once. My brain kept wanting me to yell “OMG! You’re here!!” It slipped out a few times.

My favorite thing about the reunion was to see how spending a year abroad impacted all of our lives. Even though we each took our own path in life, most of us were deeply infected with the travel bug. A few people couldn’t attend because they were still off on an adventure somewhere. We shared travel stories, tips and tricks for much of the evening. The best part about all of it was that none of us felt guilty about our travels. I could talk openly about visiting Australia and New Zealand or my upcoming trip to Japan because others had been there or were planning to go. Traveling is part of who we are and that was to be nourished.

3. Student Loans are Paid off and We Celebrated! 

My loans are paid off! You can see how I did it here. As I’ve mentioned before, my birthday was the driving deadline for paying off my loans. As it turns out, by bumping up my payoff by 2 weeks, I paid them off by the time I was 28.5. Birthday deadlines win!

To celebrate, Hubs and I went on a celebratory date. It was technically 2 days before I submitted my final payment, but it was a big date and we’ve had it planned for 7 months. It felt right to designate it the Payoff Date and make it that much more special.

We went out for dinner and then headed off to a Broadway show (Off Broadway, of course!) We got all dressed up. Hubs even wore a tie. It was the cutest.

Over dinner, we were discussing how even with special occasion celebratory dates, we find a way to save. This was a splurge night for us, but still pretty frugal when compared to what it should have cost us.


  • Our Price: I bought the tickets 7 months in advance on a BOGO. $80.
  • Normal Price: The show turned out to be one of the hottest shows in town. Full price tickets from the theatre were $160, but it sold out quickly. The cheapest tickets we could find on the resale market were $600 for 2!


  • Our Price: We went fancy and had Culver’s with 2-$1 off coupons. Culver’s is delicious. I love Culver’s. $14.55
  • Normal Price: A nice dinner out could easily be $50-80.


  • Our Price: $5 thanks to our member’s only price at a nearby museum parking ramp.
  • Normal Price: $15. It was event pricing.

We spent a cool $99.55 on a wonderful night out for what could have been a $500+ evening. Money well spent and well saved.

4. Net Worth is up! 

I’m really enjoying the awareness of tracking my net worth. Sometimes the picture is incomplete because I get help from Hubs and I’m only tracking my accounts, but the progress is authentic. Once I get a few more months under my belt, I may even post a graph. I love graphs.

March Net Worth

March Net Worth


  • Retirement: $14,612 I increased my 401k contribution this month, but the market didn’t help. Kinda crazy to think I’m already up to $14k after 2 years of casual saving.
  • Taxable: $8,531 No updates until June.
  • Auto Value: $13,845 The initial value was determined by Kelley Blue Book. I drop the value by $50/month.
  • House Fund: $0.80 I consolidated another savings account adding a cool penny to this bucket. Get ready to grow little one!
  • Emergency Fund: $0.36 Livin’ on the edge! This isn’t as sketchy as it appears. Hubs has his own emergency fund, but this is my net worth! He has his own net worth! I’m planning to open a small safety net account of my own next month.
  • HSA: $3,523 Normal contribution, a little interest and no expenses. I set up the account to invest a portion of this. Soon, I’ll get help contributions, interest and the markets!
  • Car Fund: $225.46 I normally save $50/month for my car to counteract the depreciation. This month, I dropped it to $25.  I may keep this at $25 to make a little progress elsewhere.


  • Student Loan: $0! Wahoooooo! Paid in full! Though, I’m still waiting on confirmation for that.
  • Car Loan: $12,091 Minimum payment as promised.


  • Net worth: $28,646. Up $4,714 from last month. 
  • Net worth increase: $160/day
    • This is averaging high due to my Bonus in January and a final loan push from Hubs.  Hopefully, I can ride the wave and keep it above $100 all year!

How was your March? I want to know!


Here lies Kate’s Student Loan…

Thank you to everyone for being here today to pay tribute to my student loans. I know that many of you have traveled from out of town to be here and it means a lot to me and Hubs. Seeing so many loving friends and relatives here is a reflection on how my student loans lived their life and what type of support they provided.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.22.06 PM

My student loans were the hardest working loans I’ve ever had. My loans cared a lot about my career and worked very hard to provide a solid education. They taught me the importance of hard work while building a financial foundation.

My student loans didn’t have a long life. Shortly after they made it through law school, they were infected with the Kate strand of Financial Fortitude. This particular strain was exceptionally lethal. Typical symptoms include: dual incomes, living off roughly 50% of your income and strong determination. Please take heed, various strains of FF are spreading through the community.

I couldn’t have asked for better student loans.  No matter what the situation, my loans always had a positive attitude. They gave me money when I needed it and got me through 6 months of unemployment.  I won’t miss my loans but I am glad that we were able to spend such quality time together. I will never forget them. Their memory will live on in all of us forever.

May my Loans Rest in Peace. 

Please feel free to leave your condolences below.