Where’d all the money go?? Part 2

I wrote a post in April about my money priorities. I’m saving for a house, but I may not get there in time. That’s okay. So long as I’m saving and spending  according to my values,  my money and I are happy together.

To make sure that I’m spending according to my values, I’ve kept a tally of my spending since I paid off my loans. Any time I spent money on something I wouldn’t have while in debt, I made note. Splurges are natural after such a financial accomplishment. I tried to questioned every splurge, but let them happen if they needed to. I didn’t go wild, but I did spend.

In the last two months, here are a few of my splurges

$7.58 for Easter Candy

I typically buy a little something for my sisters around Easter. Normally, it’s a bag of Reese’s, but this year turned into 1 bag of Reese’s, 1 bag of Butterfinger eggs and a bag of gummy worms. The worms were for me niece solely so I could ask her:

“Want some of my worms??”

[am I the only one that remembers this commercial for gummy worms?]

I even put the gummy worms in an old sour cream container to make it look like I had real bait. If only I had time to add crushed Oreos and chocolate pudding. Missed opportunity.

$91 for T-shirts

I promised my sisters shirts for their birthday/ Christmas gifts. It was time to finally make good on that promise. After those 4 shirts, Hubs got a little crazy and bought an additional 6 shirts. Holy Shirt budget Batman! I got grumpy with him about his splurge, but then he reminded me that he sold a $100 record that afternoon. So essentially, he swapped the record for the shirts. I would have preferred to keep the $100, but at least he offset the cost.

$4 extra for Shorts

Hubs bought a new pair of shorts. He didn’t want to wait around for a coupon that would have saved us $4. Had we still been in debt, I probably would have protested more.

$24 for movies

Hubs has gone to the movies 3 times since my loan payoff. I went with him once. I’ve been able to convince him to go during the week, instead of the weekend, so this hasn’t been as bad of a splurge as it could have been. $18 of this was to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not only was it a fantastic movie, but it was a great investment in my relationship with my baby sister. She’s a Marvel fanatic.

$0.18 in increased generosity

My grocery store is running a promotion right now where you can round up your total and donate the difference to The Boys and Girls club. When the cashier asked if I’d like to donate, I said yes before looking at my total. The most this could have been was $0.99, but while I was in debt (or even before debt) I would have declined. It’s cool to see that having my financial house in order has lead to increased generosity, even if its only 18 cents at a time.

I hate to admit that I’m a cheapskate and not very generous with my money, but I am. Perhaps this is a new leaf turned.

$30 for a Choral Concert

I am a bit of a choral nerd but I have no shame about it. #choirnerdsunite!!

There is an annual choral concert in my area that is the place to be. I skipped it last year because it’s an expensive concert and I couldn’t justify the expense. Now that I’m debt free, I really REALLY wanted to go. In the essence of Challenging Everything, I found a cheaper way to attend. Instead of what would have been $30-$45/ ticket, I did rush tickets for $15 each! What a freaking bargain! I took Hubs. 🙂 This is the best $30 I’ve spent since paying off my debt.

$1000 for a Tax Screw up.

Oops! This isn’t technically a splurge but it took a lot of my money! While I’m bummed to be technically back in debt, I’m super happy that this came after my student loans. I’m super duper excited to have an extra $500 per month going forward.

And an increase in weekend lunches out with Hubs.

He’s so cute! I can’t say no…. especially when I’m hungry.

Overall, I think I’m doing a fine job keeping our spending in check since paying off my student loans. I knew splurges were coming. We’ve been delaying purchases and in general denying ourself a few excursions.

My favorite thing about all of this spending is that most of it can be categorized as an investment. Whether that’s an investment in the relationship I have with my niece [worms!], My sisters [Candy, Avengers and T-shirts] or my darling Hubs.  Nevermind the Tax Man. That’s only an investment in me not going to jail!

Do you expect your spending to change once you are out of debt? If you are Debt Free, did your spending change?


9 thoughts on “Where’d all the money go?? Part 2

  1. I like these splurges! None of them are crazy, but they’re enough to make you feel like you’re enjoying life a bit more, with other people. What happened with the taxes? Is that a one-time thing, or will it affect you going forward?

    • The tax bill was a miscalculation (an expensive miscalculation!!) from 2011. So it should be all fixed going forward. Thank Goodness.
      But yes, these have been good splurges. Our eating out has gotten a little out of control, but we can reel that in.

  2. Once I am out of debt I expect that we will just start throwing money into retiring and college savings for the girls – however, one big change is that we will start taking vacations!

    Scary about the tax miscalculation, but glad that is seems more or less easily resolved.

    • Vacations! My favorite thing! It will be totally worth it to know that you can take DEBT FREE vacations.

      As for the tax issue, I’m just glad its nearly behind me. The money is saved and ready to be sent to the tax man. Can’t wait to have my money back!

  3. Love the increased generosity most of all of these! That’s something that has grown for us after we got out of debt, and we are good with that. Feels good to know we’re doing good and not being all selfish. 😊

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