Drowning in Email

I was looking for an email last night. I couldn’t find it. After searching through 3 email accounts, I thought, it must be under that other email.

Yes. I have 4 email accounts.

One’s old and mostly filled with spam. One is good and I should protect it. One is for the blog. One is from law school.

Oh, and I have one from iCloud. … and one at work.

Now I’m up to 6 email accounts.

… are you sweating yet? That is too many freaking email accounts, folks.

What is worse about my email accounts right now is that they are filling up with crap.

A newsletter here, a sale here. Lingering subscriptions from buying tickets, or updates I don’t need from Instagram or Twitter. I freaking love Twitter (do you follow me? @GoodnightDebt!) but I can’t stand the updates telling me that people are talking about a certain hashtag. That just means it’s a chat! Leave me alone!

Well I’ve had enough.

When I started my debt repayment in January 2014, I purged all my email accounts. I even wrote up a little ditty about it. It was great. However, over the last 18 months, they’ve filled up again.

What are they filled with? JUNK

Junk about unnecessary updates, or sales I won’t attend. I don’t buy anything! Why do I need to know about all the sales? Between Gap, Banana Republic, and Kohl’s, there is always a sale.

Between Qantas, Travel Leaders, Delta, American Airlines, Trip Advisor, KLM, AirBnb, Hotels.com, La Quinta, Travel Guard, Best Western, Marriott Rewards, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise line and Airfare Watchdog, there is always a reason to feel bad that I’m not traveling. (I have a problem.)

The Running Room reminds me that I can’t run right now.

Swagbacks reminds me that I’m not hustling.

None of these emails are helping me. They are only clogging up my mental capacity.  Quite frankly, they are making me feel pretty awful.

It’s time to unsubscribe again.

I was lenient last time, but this time I have to be without ruth. Ruth is leaving. I will be ruthless.

And when I check me email after this is all over, I’ll feel better than I do right now.


8 thoughts on “Drowning in Email

  1. Have you heard of unroll.me? You have to go in every once in a while and adjust your settings, but I have been SO pleased with this service. You grant them access to your email inbox and they tell you what you’re currently subscribed to. You can unsubscribe or choose to put it in your “roll up”, which you get via email once a day. It puts all the emails you used to get individually into one email that you can scan to see if anything important happened. It hardly ever does, but sometimes you need new sneakers and want to check and see if you have any Nike coupons, ya know? It’s saved my inbox.

  2. I sometimes wonder if future generations will get a better handle on junk email and junk snail mail. I’m on Catalog Choice every week, it seems, and I still can’t stop the flow of wasted paper coming into the house. Same with email. I *ruthlessly* unsubscribe and mark as spam, and still it comes. I’ve heard the tip — not that you need another email address, but maybe for other readers — that if you sign up for emails, create a special email address that’s just for subscriptions, as well as things like warranties, accounts with online companies, etc. Then you can choose if you ever want to check it, but you can keep your regular inbox clean. Haven’t done this, but worth considering.

    • That’s an interesting question. Snail mail gets more of my attention than email. For that reason, I expect snail mail will never end.

      I should channel my subscriptions through my junk email account to keep my main one clean. Shouldn’t be too tough to switch everything over. Then I can decide if I want to keep or let go.

  3. I once spent a good chunk of time going through my email and unsubscribing to tons of email distribution lists. It was time consuming but so worth it! Although, I’m like you, I have found these emails have crept back in. How do they do this??!! Haha. Way too much clutter. I am due for a clean out again. 🙂

  4. I hear ya! I have 4 personal email accounts and one for work. I try to keep the functions of each separate so I know where goes what but sometimes it’s hard to remember and find needed emails! Thankfully, Canada enacted the anti-spam legislation last year so way less spam for me now.

  5. Ruth is leaving!

    I have on junk account and one real account. The junk account has about 6k emails, and I only go in when I want to see if any store has a sale on a thing I’m going to buy anyhow.

    Good luck!

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