June 2015 Recap & Net Worth

Hello there.

We are nearly 1/3 of the way through July and I’m just publishing my June update. Am I lazy? No! I’m old-fashioned and only have access to one of my investments via snail mail. I get a paper statement every 6 months. June was an update month, so I waited… and waited… and the mail finally arrived!

Before we get into the numbers, let’s get into the life.. . .

June was a month of mixed emotions. I experienced great highs (all legal and not legal in a Colorado or Washington sense!) going to several events that Hubs and I wait for every year. For one event in particular, we’ve gone every year for the last 5 years and it truly is a highlight for us. We also got to check out a different baseball stadium in town thanks to a sweet promo I got through my credit card. We had a blast at the game and it was a perfect night for baseball!

Other highs include my business trip to DC! I’d never been to a conference or DC before and both aspects were delightful. I flew into the Reagan Airport and that was such a treat. The landing took me over Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon and right down the Potomac river. Simply Beautiful. Also, who knew that DC had so many trees! I had an excellent time checking out the major sights in DC.  I totally nerded out at the Supreme Court building. I poked around trying to find a Justice, but no luck. Apparently, Scalia did not get my invitation to lunch. 😦

Because I said ‘mixed’ emotions, I have to bring in the downer. I had a major health low this month, but in the best way. It has completely changed my outlook on life, money and my health. Who knew one thing could change all three, but it did. It’s been a large pill to swallow, but I’m glad I could face it now instead of later. I’ll go into more depth with it next week.


June 2014: I owed $31,037 on my student loans.  I started maxing out my HSA and Hubs embarked on the long medical journey to fix his feet.

June 2013: I bought my laptop and started studying for the Bar Exam. This was the beginning of the loneliest I’ve ever been in my whole life. Pro-tip: Don’t study for the Bar Exam alone.

June 2015: Honest Money Momentum

June was a month of honesty and adjustments. The stock market did its own thing reacting to Greece and I decided to adjust a few things downward as well.  I figured that a down month might as well be down for all the reasons. I don’t want to limit my own success later by having to adjust any numbers because I was fudging the numbers elsewhere. Here goes!

June 2015 NW


Retirement: $17,696 (+716)  I contributed my normal amount in June and only came back with $716. Even though it’s still an increase, this is my lowest increase (I contributed ~$1100) since I started tracking my net worth in January. I specifically logged into my IRA account on the worst day to let myself accept the downturn. I want to learn to feel the small losses so I don’t panic in the big hits. Thanks for the lesson Greece!

Taxable: $8,485 (-46) Well… I can finally update my taxable investment accounts and it’s not growth news. but it was a fantastic time to buy dividends. The June dividend is pennies compared to the December payout, but it is still a payout. I was able to pick up another half share. Woot!! The historical value of this mutual fund has a tendency to tank right around dividend time, which is also when I get my statements. Is the value inflated during the interim and normal at dividend time, or normal in the interim and cheap for dividend re-investment? I don’t know. No matter what it is, I’m down $46 for the year. Now, I wait until December for the next update.

Auto Value: $13,095 (-650) I’ve been dropping the value of my car by $50 since I started tracking it. I chose $50 because that is what KBB said when I adjusted the mileage on the calculator. What this didn’t account for was the extra month in age, wear and tear the car will have. I re-entered my information with current year and mileage and I came back with a value just above $13,000. I took away an extra $600 plus my normal $50 to adjust the value. I don’t want to have a falsely inflated net worth because of a debatable asset. I haven’t decided what I’ll do for future decreases.

House Fund: $5.889 (+2341!) I wanted to pass $5000 in this account this month and I did! Yeeee! This number is a little higher than it should be because Hubs transferred money in May that hit the account in June. Otherwise, the increase is due to a less expensive month and having more leftover.  More months like this and I may get closer to my Round Two savings goal!

Round Two Progress:

  • Baby Saver: $2125 ✔
  • Middle Saver: $5828 ($7953). $3,764 down, $2,604 to go!
    • If everything goes perfectly, I should reach my Middle Saver goal by next month. More realistically, I’ll pass it in August. We’ll see. Then on to Thing 1!
    • If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check here!

HSA: $4,423 (+186)This increase was only due to my contribution this month. Because my HSA is invested now, the Greece issue wiped out any gains I had with this account. It’s still up!

Car Fund: $376 (+50) I could buy tires with this! I could nearly pay my deductible with this. While saving large amounts of cash (like my House Fund) is fun, slow and steady is rewarding as well.


Student Loan: $0! I’m keeping this here until it feels silly to list it. It still feels awesome, so here it is!

Car Loan: $10,970 (-374) Minimum payment as promised. It’ll be pretty cool to have this in the 4 digits, but alas that is months away. It’ll be a birthday present to me.


  • Net worth: $38,994. Up $2,971 from last month. 

Just shy of another $3000 increase! I missed $40,000 this month, but it is totally within range for next month. I will reach it and I will exceed it, especially because July is a 3 paycheck month. Hold onto your butts. July could be huge. 

Approx $3000 seems to be my new normal new worth increase. I had a few months where I had $4ooo increases, but I don’t want to expect that.  Without special funding or great help from the market, $4000 is out of reach. It is looking more and more likely that I’ll have to adjust my aggressive house goal. But, like I said last month, I’m keeping it. Who knows what I have up my sleeve 😀 😀

  • Net worth increase: $137/day
    • It took me months to drop below $150/day and only 1 month to drop through $140/day. I don’t like that trend. My original goal was to keep this above $100/day. I should be able to do that since I’ve been above $3000/month every month this year. I’m interested to see where it lands. I predict somewhere between $110 and $120/day.

How was your June? Tell me, tell me! Did you know that the days only get shorter from here? #downer


11 thoughts on “June 2015 Recap & Net Worth

  1. I don’t list my car at all on my net worth because, practically speaking, I’m not selling it. But I might if I still had a loan, just to balance it out? Also, unlike yours, my car is really not worth anything 🙂 I love how big your house fund is getting — I actually have a post about mine in queue for tomorrow.

    • Yes. The debatable car asset. I primarily list it because of the loan . . and because J$ does it! Ha! If push came to shove, I would sell it, but please, everyone. No pushing or shoving! 😉

      The House fund is getting so big and strong. I’ve already saved in excess of what HelloDebt put down on her house. But this isn’t a competition. Not a sisterly competition 😉 I’m excited to read about your progress!

  2. Not a bad month, at all 🙂 I think if I had a car I would include it. For me, anything that can help me make future money is considered an asset, so if that car takes me to work, lets me skip out on other forms of transit, and will fetch me a little cash whenever I’m done with it, then I would definitely make it part of net worth

    • Thanks Mario! It’s nice to see everything heading mostly the right direction even with a flatter month.

      I’m not quite as far down the line of what is a listable asset, but cars are still assets in my book. It’s a depreciating asset, but still an asset.

  3. June, I’m close to maxing out my roth IRA, it will be maxed this month. I broke down after months of thinking about it and spent $200 tuning my saab for more power. I’ll be starting to try and max my SIMPLE IRA but my fund options have a 2.5% front end load thats been bugging the crap out of me. Just keep telling myself the tax benefits make it worth it. Looks like your steamrolling debt and building serious wealth. I’d need to move back in with my parents or find me a sugar mama though to put away that much per month.

    • Great job on maxing out your Roth! The Loads on your Simple IRA would bug the crap out of me too. Have you looked into other options? Those fees are going to eat away your gains.

  4. Kudos on a great month! Thanks to that market “volatility” (kinda hate that word in this context — as though the market is ever NOT volatile by nature), our net worth only went up $1100 on the month, and is now down below that That $1100 gain is despite gaining on our home equity, gaining on our rental property equity, socking away $6Kish, etc. Blech. This is the part of investing that I am not a fan of — having to ride out market ups and downs!

    All of that is a long way of saying: You had a great month, and it’s impressive that you were up as much as you were given what the market did at the end of the month. Wohoo! Keep up the $100+ a day gains, and you’ll reach all of your goals in no time.

    Have a great weekend!

    • That’s crazy that you only gained slightly with so many wins this month. I was able to gain because I have so very little actually in the market. My contributions far outpace my gains at this point in the game.

      It’s funny that I’m trying to get to where you are… where my portfolio swings with the market, and away from everything is a contribution. Grass is greener? Though I’m driven by wanting to have way more invested than I actually do. Just keep adding 🙂

  5. Looks like a great month! Thanks for reminding me that the days are now getting shorter 😦

    My June was pretty good as I was traveling for work for almost half of it which cuts down on personal expenses. Summers are pretty expensive for me with travel and weddings, so things will get more on track in the spending department once it starts cooling down.

    • I’m such a downer aren’t I? I just want it to be Fall! 🙂

      Glad to hear you could get a break from paying for your personal expenses. That’s a little perk of work travel. Good luck keeping your expenses in check with the travel and weddings!

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