August 2015 Recap &Net Worth

Hi 🙂

Let’s get straight into why I’m happy that it’s September.

1. I CAN BREATHE! I caught a nasty cold in the middle of August. Then I got Hubs sick. Then I nearly killed my 89 grandpa by taking both of our sick selves to his birthday. RULE: Do not attend a birthday party for an old man with bad lungs and a compromised immune system when you’re  contagious.  People could die! Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. After 2 weeks of yuck, I’m very happy to be breathing again.

2. Manager for a week! Part of the reason I was sick for so long was that I was a stressed bunny. Over the course of August, I was promoted to officially managing an individual I’d been unofficially managing for 2 months and then demoted when they were fired. I was a real manager for a whole week! Now I’m a manager with no direct reports and a lot of work to do. Can someone get me more coffee?

3. Anniversary/ Birthday love. I’d like to take a moment and give a shout out to my favorite human, Hubs. It was his birthday and our THIRD wedding anniversary in August. Holy crap! I’ve been married for 3 whole years! I guess, time flies when you are head over heels in love with your best friend. … you can gag. It’s okay 😉


August 2014: Hubs and I left for a birthday trip to London! I had $27,594 in debt. I paid off my third loan and said goodbye with an obituary. I was hoping to pay off my debt by December 2015. {Spoiler Alert: I finished 9 months ahead of schedule!}

August 2013: I started looking for a job outside of the traditional legal world. So many coffee dates! Hubs and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.

August 2015: Harrumph

August didn’t end well. Let’s get right into the RED numbers…

August Net Worth 15


Retirement: $19,704 (+244)  This should be red, but it’s not. Baaaaarely not red. I invested my standard amount PLUS an extra $400 to capitalize on the market madness and I only ended up +244. Markets can be such killjoys. FEAR NOT! I’m not troubled by these numbers, but I can easily see how someone could be. Stay the course my friends. 

Also, I think my retirement account system at work is being purposefully glitchy so people can’t log in, panic and sell. Or so many people are on the system trying to sell that it’s being glitchy. Fingers crossed for the first scenario!

Taxable: $8,485 I presume this is down. Way down. There won’t be any official updates until December. I’m hoping December brings a big fat dividend that will bring this account up for the year. But I’ll have to wait until then to find out. 

Auto Value: $13,000  Valuing cars is stupid. I ran the numbers again and the value was way higher than my estimate. New plan: I’m going to keep this as $13,000 until the end of the year and then I’ll re-calculate. If anything happens to the car between now and then, I’ll also re-calculate. Recalculating, Recalculating. After that, I’ll update it every 6 months.

House Fund: $10,029 (+1,785) BOOM! I broke through $10k this month! Just as I hoped for! I totally forgot I was so close to this milestone during the month. I have just over $1000  saved in a different account so the numbers were playing mind games with me. Here I am with $10,000 saved for a house. That feels nice. SEE YOU SOON 20,000!!

> My favorite fact about this number is that it means I’ve refilled the house fund that I drained back in January to pay off my loans. Had I not drained the house fund, my loans still would have been paid off by or before today. This is all pretty freaking fantastical because all I wanted for my birthday (at the end of September) was to have my loans paid off.


Round Two Progress: (What is Round Two? check here!)

  • Baby Saver: $2125 
  • Middle Saver: $7953 (Loan value: $5828) ✔
  • Thing 1: $16,453 (Loan value: $8500) >in progress<
    • Yee! $10,029 down, $6,424 to go!
  • Things 2: $24,953 (Loan value: $8500)
  • Big Momma: $45,330 (Loan value: $20,377)

HSA: $4,602 (-246)  I finally paid for the  bill from my knee appointment AND the markets are way down. My investments took a bit of a tumble. Double whammy! This is still bigger than my 401k and I find that a wee bit hilarious.

Car Fund: $102 (-350) LOL Car Fund. I drained it to buy $400 of stock when it was on sale. As planned, I added $50 to this account. 


Student Loan: $0! I’m keeping this here until it feels silly to list it. It still feels awesome, so here it is! I don’t owe FedLoan Servicing anything 🙂

Car Loan: $10,222 (-374) Minimum payment as promised. One more month until it’s under $10,000. It’s like my car loan and house fund are passing in the night. Wave to the House Fund on your way down!


  • Net worth: $45,699. Up $1,807 from last month. 

I have $45,000 to my name 🙂 Happy Day. I have set an unrealistic goal for myself for next month. What is it? I realllllly want to hit $50,000 by the end of September. I turn 29 at the end of the month and it would be pretty sweet to start a new age at a solid number. We’ll see. To get there, the market is going to have to behave. We all know how great the market is at behaving.

  • Net worth increase: $129/day

I’ll take it. After all the red this month, I’m happy with anything.


How was your August? Tell me, tell me! What does your crystal ball tell you about my unrealistic goal?


7 thoughts on “August 2015 Recap &Net Worth

  1. Man, you are really making the case for a lawyer’s salary! I love how much progress you’re making (and are able to make since you’re not spending all your time bitching about how you’re 100000000000 dollars in debt, like so many lawyers who are making minimum payments on a 40-year plan.)

    • I don’t have what I’d consider a lawyer’s salary, but it certainly gets the bills paid. Paying bills! Woot!

      And yes, a lot of people are buried. Back in March, I posted on FB that I paid off my loans. A classmate commented that he’s hoping to have his paid off before 2045. :-/

  2. Looks like you’ve done pretty well considering the markets… My August was extremely spendy, so if I calculated my networth (which I haven’t bothered to) it would have gone down a LOT because we used up a big chunk of savings for our wedding…
    As for my crystal ball… it says that you will do awesome in September and definitely hit the $50,000 mark by your birthday if that’s what you want to do. 🙂

    • Yay for saving and paying for a wedding! That should be a happy expense! (though I totally remember how crappy it was to plan and pay for a wedding. Feel free to vent. Its okay. )

      I hope, I hope, I hope! All I can do is my best. The market will get me there or it won’t. But it sounds like your crystal ball is predicting a rally!

  3. Good job staying in the black this month! And yay for hitting $10K in your house fund, and for taking advantage of the market rollercoaster! We were definitely down in August (like a vomit-inducing amount down, and I’m trying my best to remember that it doesn’t mean anything, at least not until we have to start selling shares). So that’s the bad part of bigger net worth, I guess — bigger swings in terms of absolute dollars.

    Good luck hitting $50K this month for your birthday! xo

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