Making a plan for the rest of my 20s.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s September. September happens to be the best month in the whole year. Why? Because September is my birthday month! I love my birthday.

Before you get all weird on me about how much I love my birthday, I want you to know that I’m not the type of person who makes a big deal of their birthday. I don’t celebrate it or do anything fancy. What I love is the excitement leading up to my birthday.  It comes with the change of the season: the turn of a new school year, pumpkins, apples, LEAVES and an excuse to see my favorite people. It also makes me happy that every year, my dear mother calls me on my due date and tells me that I wasn’t born that day. I waited a whole week to be born. #sorrymomma

As August came to a close, I started thinking about what I want for my birthday. After a lot of thinking, Here are my wants and plans for my birthday.

New Eye Makeup Remover

I start with the most important things 😉 My sister asked what I wanted for my birthday and my first answer was a new potato peeler. After 3 weeks of thinking about it, I told her I changed my mind. My current potato peeler works just fine. It’s not the best for sweet potatoes, but it can take care of carrots like a champ. Sweet potatoes are better handled with a knife anyway. What I do want is new eye makeup remover. I’m nearly out and these peepers don’t have the power to clean themselves!

>Poll: What do you use? I’ve been using the Target Up & Up brand, though I’m open to suggestions of something more gentle or natural.

A tour!

For Hubs’ birthday last month, we toured a local brewery. We had a blast. #FREEBEER Afterward, we talked about how we wanted to tour more things in our area. This week, I randomly found that my local recycling center does tours. The Recycle Zone. Ooooooo. How exciting! I’m in the middle of reading “Zero Waste Home” and this sounds like a perfectly awesome way to finish off that book. I’m not sure if I can get anyone else excited about it, but I’m pumped!

Beyond these little things, I have a bigger plan for my birthday. What I really want is…

An Excellent Year

At the end of the month, I’ll be 29. While most people would expect 30 to be a big birthday, I’m more excited about 29. I’ve been inspired to make my last year as a 20-something the best I can be. I have a lot of things I want to improve. Nothing too crazy, but enough to be a challenge. Enough to challenge how I think and how I react to things. This is what I want.

I want to listen to my body and consume only the things it wants me to consume. 

  • Dairy? OUT!
  • Processed crap? OUT!
  • Mindless eating for the sake of eating? NO MORE!
  • Reducing the amount of time I spend obsessing about food? Yes please.

I’ve been doing well with all of this as of late, but I could do better. I need to get better at setting myself up for success. This means better meal planning and grocery shopping.

I want to get in the best shape of my life.

  • This is the only body I have and I need to treat it better. Feeding it properly will make a huge difference but so will additional stretching and strengthening. I’m on the right track here; I just need to keep going with purpose.

I want to be more intentional.

  • My morning routine sucks. I’m an adult. I need to start acting like one.
  • I want to be the best employee I can be.
    • I’m good at what I do and I’m being noticed for that. But sometimes I don’t feel like I’m giving it all I can. I’m young. The best time to knock it out of the park is now. Hey batter, batter. It’s time to SWING, batter.

I want to turn off my brain and take better care of my soul. 

  • I want to shut out the chatter. Why do I keep scrolling through Facebook? Why do I log in everyday right when I get home? Facebook brings very little joy to my life. My mind would feel better if I didn’t absorb so much meaningless crap about people I barely care about.
  • I love yoga but I need to do it more often. I love how it centers me and turns off my brain. Right now, I have the opportunity to practice 1x per week. I want to make sure I go every week.

What it all boils down to is that I want 29 to be a year of more mindfulness. I want to be mindful about what I take in from the world (and my plate) and what I leave behind (hopefully an excellent impression 😉 ) . Am I really the person I want to be? What can I do to become the best me? To be the best, I need to focus on what my body needs, my mind needs and what my career needs.

If I can do any of this, and don’t worry, I’ve already started, I’m going to take 30 by storm.


13 thoughts on “Making a plan for the rest of my 20s.

  1. I use baby oil on a cotton ball to remove my waterproof mascara. It takes me well over a year to go through a bottle. I want to make my own reusable cotton pads some time to keep from needing to use the disposable cotton balls.

    You have great goals! Happy almost birthday!

  2. Wow, I love this! Sounds like 29 will be a kick ass year for you. September truly is the best month ever (my bday is this month too and I was 3 weeks late) and it sounds like you’ve got a great start to building better habits!

  3. I also love September. In a way it feels like a new year – I haven’t been in school since 2005 but I think the “starting fresh” that September brings will always be ingrained in me. I think it’s awesome to tackle your personal challenges when you hit 29 instead of waiting until 30. Good for you! I also think it’s great to record your personal challenges here, that will help when you need some motivation. Good luck and happy birthday!

  4. One: Happy Birthday (early?)!
    Two: I’m turning 29 next year in June and have the same ideas, especially about the routine and being intentional.
    Three: Dig that you want to go to a recycling center for your birthday!

    • One: Thanks!
      Two: Being intentional is pretty cool. You should start now.
      Three: I’m excited! It’ll be a crushing good time. Because, you know.. they crush cans and stuff there! lol

  5. Yay for September birthdays! Bravo for being so intentional about your last year in your 20s. Your plan sounds great. I have felt loads better since cutting out dairy, btw. And I’m totally with you on Facebook — it brings zero joy. I barely ever log in on my computer, and just this morning deleted the app because I don’t want it on my phone anymore. If I need to check it, I still can, but the temptation is not helpful.

    P.S. I just use any pure oils we have around for eye makeup removal — apricot kernal, grapeseed, canola…

    • Oh yes, Facebook sucks. Glad your phone is Facebook-less. I still have Facebook messenger on my phone in case someone sends me a message (which people were doing all the time when I got my phone, now … not so much).

      I’ll look into the oils. Sounds like a much better options than all the chemicals I’m using now. Eek! These are my eyes! What am I doing with myself!?

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