October 2015 Net Worth

I forgot to rememberOctober

the fifth of November,

the gunpowder, treason and plot.

It was busy a season

and for that reason,

the treason I forgot.


Why did I forget Guy Fawkes Night? There’s a lot going on! October was full and that’s bleeding through the rest of the year. Oh, so is life. Things around here are okay. Work is busy… I hate that word…, but thankfully not too stressful.

Unfortunately for me, I got hurt again in October and it took a lot of wind out of my sails.  As is my nature, I go hurt in a weird way… like a doctor saying to my face a few times “Hmmph. This is rare.” Thanks Doc! Fix it! I hope I’m out of the woods, but I’m not very confident.

Speaking of confidence, in response to my question Should I max my 401k? I increased my confidence about retiring with dignity. I threw house savings to the dogs and upped my 401k in 2015. Nothing too crazy, but enough to feel it. Thanks to Hannah from Unplanned Finance for suggesting I up it in 2015. I was so focused on what I could do in 2016, I didn’t stop to think what I could still do in 2015.

To finish off the month with a bang, I watched Back to the Future 2 for the first time. I thought I had seen it. Great Scott! Turns out, I’d only seen the very last scene in the tunnel. Hubs was so ashamed!


October 2014: I stepped away from my debt. I was obsessing  about all the numbers. I had $21,875 in student loans remaining. After a heart to heart chat, Hubs and I decided this was our debt, not just my debt. Supportive husbands FTW!

October 2013: I was sworn in as an attorney! Kate, esquire, at your service. 🙂 I started to keep myself busy while I looked for a job. I signed up to do taxes for low income individuals and I had a lot of coffee dates. So, tell me about what you do?

October 2015: Look at that Upswing!

October Net Worth


Retirement: $22,645 (+2,397)  Look at my upswing! It’s so big! It’s not 30,000 big, but it’s so big! It’s silly that it took so long to break through $20k,  and then I shoot right into $22k! 

I added a little extra this month in response to my question: Should I max my 401k? I am most certainly not maxing, but I gave it an extra little bump to ride out the end of 2015.

Taxable: $8,485 I didn’t look. Up, down, sideways. I don’t care. I’m proud to have this account. 

Auto Value: $13,000  Valuing cars is stupid. I’m keeping this at $13,000 until the end of the year and then I’ll re-calculate. If anything happens to the car between now and then, I’ll also re-calculate. Recalculating, Recalculating. After that, I’ll update it every 6 months.

House Fund: $13,927 (+2,334) Another solid month for the House Fund. I’ve got some major milestones coming up: $15,000 is a nice round number and $16,453 marks the next milestone for Round Two! I’m really hoping I can get through Thing 1 by the end of the year!

Round Two Progress: (What is Round Two? check here!)

  • Baby Saver: $2125 
  • Middle Saver: $7953 (Loan value: $5828) ✔
  • Thing 1: $16,453 (Loan value: $8500) >in progress<
    • Yee! $13,927 down, $3,611 to go!
  • Things 2: $24,953 (Loan value: $8500)
  • Big Momma: $45,330 (Loan value: $20,377)

HSA: $5,253 (+496)  I’m being a deadbeat and not paying my bills. I did pay the dental bills because those comes out of my FSA so they don’t count. I have roughly $540 in medical bills that I need to pay, but I am slaaaacking.  There is something psychological about building up this account before I slice and dice it back down to $4700. Slice and Dice! 

The real story is that I have ~$3k of this invested, with a $2k cash buffer. Last time I had a big medical bill, I forgot to turn off the auto-sweep and my investment account sold on one of the worst possible days. It sells from your investments if you spend more than $100 of the cash. How stupid is that? Auto-sweep may only be a good thing if you don’t have any medical bills to pay. I learned that the expensive way. I turned off the auto-sweep function last month and I’m letting the cash accounts build up. Interest free medical bills? Why yes, I’ll take advantage of that. Technically, I haven’t been billed yet, so no one yell at me!

Car Fund: $225 (+50) I’ve been good! I left the car fund alone (when there was absolutely no temptation). This fund is starting to get real to me. I am going to need cash saved for Hubs’ car in two years. If we want to save anything substantial, I need to leave this account alone so it can grow. $50 / month isn’t going to get Hubs a paid for car, but it could be a decent down payment. 


Student Loan: $0! It’s been 2 years and 5 months since I graduated. I’ve been student loan free for 7 months. Those numbers are nice 🙂

Car Loan: $9,472 ($376)  4 digits and the interest is starting to settle down. I paid off an extra $2 in principal this month. I’m still paying $7 for the luxury of having this loan. *grumpy face* However, the House Fund earns more interest than this costs me. 1% loans FTW


  • Net worth: $54,063. Up $5,653 from last month. 

Holy crap cans. After months of reaching for $50k, I blast right through it and nearly hit $55k! Over $5k is a huge increase! My biggest increase all year!

  • Net worth increase: $131/day

I’m back up in the net worth increase per day. After several months moving in the wrong direction, it’s nice to see this moving up again! To be clear, this is my net worth increase per day over the last 10 months.

How was your October? It’s sharing time! Did you cross any milestones? Any big ones coming up? Share and we can celebrate!