July 2016 Net Worth


I read recently that a way to slow down time is to do new things. It forces your brain to place new markers so you can remember the first time or few times you experience something.

I need to do this.

I’ve been home from my trip for a month. What? How did that happen.

I’m like an adult. Life is flying by.

I go to work, come home, go for a walk with Hubs. For dinner, I eat rice, broccoli and chicken. On the weekends in July, I do the same hustle I’ve done every year since 1999 [not an exaggeration.. gosh I sound old].

I need a new hobby.

So, what’s new….?

I tried the Moment App. I wanted to get a better handle on how I was using my phone. I also wanted to use my phone less. The App was great for like 2 days and then I realized that it just drains my battery like crazy. I guess that’s one way to limit my phone use!

I’ve also been experimenting with using a Bullet Journal. It isn’t a true bullet journal, but I feel super cool when I call it that. Really, its just a notebook that I keep my to dos in. I’ve been incredibly productive since I started using it. As my baby sister likes to yell way too loud during MarioKart Wii, I’m the Bullet!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.30.49 PM

Be the bullet!

I got a nice surprise this month. I {finally} cancelled my gym membership and I avoided most of the run around. This was planned. The surprise was that my apartment building built a huge gym. It has all new equipment, including free weights and a path for me to do all the lunges. LET THERE BE LUNGES! That’s exciting. .. my rent is going to go up, isn’t it?

In other equally exciting news, it looks like I’m going to be able to keep my ear piercing. It’s been bugging me for a while, quite frankly its still bugging me, but I know how to take care of it and the local piercer gave me the okay.

Ok, money time.


July 2015:  I had a net worth of $43,892. I got to go to New York City for the first time! So many tall buildings! Such a big park!

July 2014: I owed $29,167 on my student loans.  I decided to stop saving to buy my car and dumped all my extra money on my debt.

July 2013: I took the Bar Exam and survived!

July 2016: Markets Gone Wild!
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.27.37 PM


Retirement: $43,697 (+3,799) Dang! I flew past $40k! This extra large swing is thanks to a 3-check month. Do you think I can get to $50k by the end of September? That would be the ultimate birthday gift. You know I’m all about birthdays. 🙂 See herehere, and here.

Taxable: $9,181 (+2) I jumped the gun on the update last month. I was incredibly impatient waiting for paper statement (yea yea, sign up for online access), so I posted when I had enough data to make an educated guess. My guess was pretty gosh darn accurate! I was only off by $2!

Auto Value: $11,769 (-150)  The depreciating asset keeps depreciating. I ran the numbers in Kelly Blue Book and apparently its back up to being worth $12,428, but I’m not here to play games. I’m already playing games by listing my car as part of my net worth. I also probably wouldn’t be able to get top dollar for my car anyway. If I sell it, it will be because I have to. 

House Fund: $32,220 (+2,134) My first big saving month since APRIL! July was still expensive getting the trip paid for, but it was also a 3 check month! 3 paychecks FTW!

HSA: $7,296 (+431) How long do you wait after you get a bill to pay it? I am a deadbeat and try to stretch it out as long as possible. Most of that is because I log into my HSA to cancel my auto-transfers, then I wait until payday. Effectively, I hate seeing this account go down, so I delay paying my bills as long as I can. #deadbeat.

Car Fund: $728 (+76) I could buy tires! This fund is morphing into the down payment for Hubs’ car. Unless we have a major emergency and I need to pay for car expenses, I totally expect to cash flow any expenses… like my scheduled maintenance on my car. Ain’t no reason to tap into this fund for that!


Car Loan: $6,086 ($377)  The progress is slow and steady here. Nothing to report. This is simply a minimum payment on a cheap loan.


Net worth: $98,805. Up $6,667 from last month. 

6667? That sounds like a rounding error! But it’s not! A 3 check month on top of excellent market gains makes July my second largest increase of the year! Let the good times continue! I should cross through a certain milestone next month!

How was your July?  Are you hanging loose, riding these market waves? Also, if you’re pierced and like money, there’s a whole bunch of us. Raise your hand and we can be friends.


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