August 2016 Net Worth


August was a month of different and it came just in time.

I’ve been struggling lately with a lot of things and it was time for something different. Thankfully, that fit right into what life had planned.

My grandpa passed earlier this year, but his funeral was this month. We had a party planned for his 90th birthday and no one wanted to cancel it.  I was asked to sing during the memorial service and at first I was hesitant, but I agreed. It was wonderful to sing again. It felt so good to see so much of the family together. To laugh, to cry and to remember.

Hubs broke his phone mid-month. It should have been a simple frustrating event, followed by the purchase of a new phone. Instead of something run-of-the-mill, I spiraled out of control. I’ve struggled with my mental health for 20 years and this was one of the worst episodes I’ve had in a while. I’m still learning to take care of myself, but I’m getting much better at realizing when I need to slow down. This lead to some radio silence and a lot of repetitive motions to try to reset the rhythm of my brain. {Note: He bought an LG Stylo 2. So far, so good!}

Speaking of repetitive motions, I took to cross stitching! It was the perfect activity to enjoy during the Olympics. Boy, did I watch a lot of Olympics. The swimming did not disappoint! My stitching also allowed me to zone out during the crappy commentary and only pay attention to the action. I propose we make swimming a mainstream sport. Whose with me!?


August 2015: I broke through $10k in the house fund and had my first nasty month in the market. It was the closest I’ve been to having my investments go down since I started tracking.  I also skipped my grandpa’s 89th birthday because Hubs and I were both battling a nasty chest infection. As life would happen, I would never see him again.

August 2014: Hubs and I left for a birthday trip to London! I had $27,594 in debt. I paid off my third loan and said goodbye with an obituary. I was hoping to pay off my debt by December 2015. {Spoiler Alert: I finished 9 months ahead of schedule!}

August 2013: I started looking for a job outside of the traditional legal world. So many coffee dates! Hubs and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.



Retirement: $45,781 (+2,084) $45,000! Look at that! Included is this awesomeness, my 401k is now bigger than my IRA. I contributed $1,895 so there was only a hair of growth here. I still hope I can make it to $50k by the end of next month for my birthday, but that is looking like more and more of a pipe dream. I will hold out hope until the end. $50k or bust!

Taxable: $9,181 NC I’m back to waiting on this account until December. 

Auto Value: $11,619 (-150)  The depreciating asset keeps depreciating.

House Fund: $33,128 (+908) Saving! But gone are the days of major increases here. Summer is expensive! Hubs also upped his 401k contribution so there is less to go around. We had a joint hustle in July and we got paid in August. That counts for most of this. 

HSA: $7,388 (+160) I paid my medical bills! I am not a deadbeat! Somehow, I still managed to log an increase here. In addition to being a deadbeat, perhaps I am also a wizard. This account is starting to throw its weight around. It’s getting so beautiful and big! 

Car Fund: $778 (+50) I had some semi-significant maintenance on my car this month. I went in expecting only ~$80 and I left paying $350! I didn’t see that coming! This whole not owning a brand new car thing is different. I’ve never paid much of anything for maintenance. This time I pulled the cash to cover it out of our cash flow, but I was happy to have this account at the ready. I still think I’m going to use this money to buy out Hubs’ car, but its nice to have the back up. Keep on saving on. 


Car Loan: $5,707 ($377)  The progress is slow and steady here. Nothing to report except FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Woot! This is the minimum payment on a cheap loan.


Net worth: $102,168. Up $3,431 from last month. 

$100,000!! $100,000!! $100,000!!!

I will be subtle with my celebrating, so I will sit and clap while the confetti rains down on me. It didn’t take me nearly as long to get here as I thought. It’s difficult to comprehend that my initial plan was to have my loans paid off by next month, but here I am with all that paid off, $45k in my retirement accounts and a sizable down payment saved. It feels pretty gosh darn fabulous to have my student loan kick-assery pay off. It provided some incredible momentum.

How was your August?  Ups, downs, confetti?


12 thoughts on “August 2016 Net Worth

  1. (Forgive the shouting:) HOORAY FOR YOUR FIRST $100,000!!! Such a wonderful milestone! I’m sad to know that you’ve been having a rough few months. 😦 I hope you’ve been able to slow things down and take care of yourself. Sending the love! xoxo

    • YOU’RE SHOUTING YOU’RE SHOUTING! Thanks for the shouts and the love. It’s been an interesting time as I try to figure everything out. Thankfully, my money is on track. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. 🙂

  2. Please post some pictures of your cross stitching! My mom used to do a lot of that. I rely on crochet to maintain sanity. There’s something really calming about that repetitive, mindless use of the hands that has really helped me relax when I’m feeling stressed out.

    Now, on to the really big news . . . A huge congrats to you for reaching $100k!!! It really gives me hope that we will be able to reach those numbers too someday – goes to show the value of slow and steady progress 🙂

    And, sorry about your grandpa. I lost mine this summer too.

    • I can’t handle crochet. The tension.. no beuno. I knit and apparently now I cross stitch! I’ll send you something on Twitter. But yes, A++ for the repetitive, mindless tactile motions.

      You will totally get there. I have complete faith in you. Give it time.

  3. Woo-hoo! What an exciting milestone. I’m also new in my career (one-year since finishing my medical training), and I’ve been inspired by how quickly you’ve improved your financial situation. I have chosen to pay my loans off slowly for tax reasons, but I hit a positive net worth a few months ago, and it’s a great feeling!

    • Thanks SD! Somehow the improvements have felt slow going in the moment, but zooming out things are moving quickly!

      Nice work on the positive net worth! It really is a great feeling to go from the big (-) to a (+)!

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