Do you want my stuff? A seller’s tale

After 6.5 years in the same apartment, we’re moving! I don’t want to say that the process snuck up on us, but it kind of did. Things fell into place and we’re in the middle of packing up our life into boxes and schlepping it over to our new place.

I knew we had a lot of stuff before, but o.m.g. do we have a lot of stuff. And this is after I’ve been cultivating a minimalist mindset for the last 2 years. I’ve Konmari’d and I’ve decluttered and we are still up to our neck in stuff. Maybe I wasn’t so successful slimming my belongings.

I’ve never had so much stuff anxiety in my whole life. Seeing it all collect into boxes and then living amongst the boxes is more than I can handle.

I’m trying to channel my anxiety into energy to sell some of this crap. Here is what I’ve tried so far:

Facebook Groups(Local-est)

I joined the local Facebook group and threw a few things up for sale. I took great pictures, provided detail descriptions. Then.. nothing. I’m not sure if my local group is a dud, but nearly everything is overpriced. Because of that, or because people are posting crap that nobody wants, no one is buying much. The group has rules for how you are supposed to interact. You can tell when there is interest by likes or comments. Barely anyone is liking, even fewer are commenting. Most comments are “bumps” to get the item back into the feed. No one in my town wanted my stuff.

Craiglist (Local)

Everything I put on the Facebook group, I also put on Craiglist. I used the same pictures and the same detail. There may have been more friction here because I didn’t want to put my phone number in the posting. Email me and we can chat about my stuff! No one emailed me about my stuff. Not a single bite.

eBay (US only)

After a week of nothing on Facebook and Craiglist, I took to eBay. Hubs has been selling casually on eBay for years (decades?) and he taught me the ropes. I spruced up my descriptions (hello color & too much detail, good day to you sarcasm and silly descriptions). I used the same pictures. I listed 4 items. My first item sold overnight. My second item sold within 2 days. My third item sold just before the 7-day listing expired. Wahoo! I relisted my 4th item after it didn’t sell in the first 7 days. It sold on the (second) first day!

I’m an overnight eBay success story!

eBay comes with the necessary evil of shipping, but I feel its worth it to get this crap out of my house.

If only it wasn’t leaving 1 item at a time.


Price to Acquire Items: $0 (All 4 items sold were gifts)

Price Received for Items (including shipping): $96.94

Paid to Ship Items: $27.95

eBay + Paypal Fees: $13.69

Dollars to my bottom line: $55.30


I was riding high on my wave of success and I wanted more. On my second dive into eBay, I went big. The biggest! My Wedding Dress.

I was a bit surprised by the wedding dress selection on eBay. A ton of people are buying and selling them.  I created the listing, took great pictures and told someone they could fall in love with my dress for a fraction of the price. Heck, it had been hanging in my closet for 4 years. I was willing to do whatever to get it out of my house. I was also incredibly honest about the status of the dress. It hadn’t been cleaned since the wedding, after all.

Lucky me. It sold in a week! After fees and shipping, I’m now the proud owner of more space and an additional $56.99!

I think I’m addicted… What else can I sell?

 Have you tried selling on eBay?

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