“When we move” Losing my excuse to postpone expenses

I’ve lived in my apartment with Hubs for 6 years. When we moved here, we didn’t expect to stay long term, but it just happened. First there was law school, then loans, then indecision as we saved for a house. We didn’t know where else we wanted to move, so we stayed put.

Staying put has been a good thing for a lot of reasons. We’ve fallen in love with the neighborhood. It really is the best. Whenever we tell people where we live, it is typically followed by “oooooooo! That’s a great area.”

The negative of staying is that we’ve accepted a lot of things as road blocks. We love where we are so we put up with a lot of annoyances. Our apartment is not perfect. It’s old. The layout is inefficient. The appliances are probably older than I am. The storage space is less than ideal.

Beyond that, we’ve also conditioned ourselves that this is what it is for now. For the last 3 years, we’ve expected that we were going to leave, so we didn’t acquire things. New couch? Nope. We’ll take care of that when we move. New TV? Nope. Anything new? Nope. We’ll handle that when we move. In addition to that, we’ve been actively purging our belongings. We don’t want to have to move something that we don’t love anymore.

To compound this, we’ve intentionally not opened nearly all of our wedding presents because we are expecting to move. Let me remind you that Hubs and I have been married for over 4 years. Bedding, towels, kitchen gear. My glorious KitchenAid Stand Mixer! This whole time, nearly every gift from our  wedding is sitting in storage, new in the original packaging.. I guess they aren’t new anymore. They are 4 year old gifts still in the packaging, never used.

Now I’m opening that flood gate.

We are moving.

OPEN IT ALL UP! (Do I have to resend thank you notes?)

But what about everything else?

I’ve established a frugal cornerstone in my life that its not worth it to own or have that now because of the hassle to move it.

I’ve effectively torn up my own frugal card. My readymade excuse. I don’t want to buy that because I don’t want to move it.

I’m an all or nothing girl. It is far easier for me to say no to everything than to say yes in moderation. Without my excuse of when we move, I’m scared what will happen with the flood gate wide open.

My wallet hurts just thinking about it.

Maybe I can change my excuse to… “I can’t. We just moved.”

We’ll see.


6 thoughts on ““When we move” Losing my excuse to postpone expenses

  1. It’s definitely hard when you start fresh… it’s VERY tempting to fill in every little gap immediately… but try to enjoy the “new house” feel with your wedding presents as long as possible… then maybe you can avoid the deluge of stuff. Congrats, again, by the way. We really enjoy having our own place.

    • I’m trying to hold off!! Thankfully, we’ve been making structural updates that are aggressively draining our savings account. *empty pockets*

      We’re finally moving in over the next few weekends. I’m so excited to settle in!

  2. A couple of tactics/ some thoughts to think about to manage this transition:

    1) Try making a list of priority projects. Then sort into high priority and low priority. Price out the high priority and accept that it is OK to spend on the high priority. Make a budget for home stuff based on that research.

    The lower priority stuff? Put it on a spending list and wait before it can be purchased or completed.

    We ended up only doing the priority stuff for our house the entire time we lived there. Also, there are some things I know I will make higher priority for my next house based on this experience (painting before we move in, for example) that we didn’t last time.

    I’m also thinking of the Frugalwoods approach here though I have also heard about waiting 30 days for larger purchases: http://www.frugalwoods.com/2017/01/09/my-foolproof-method-to-stop-impulse-spending/

    Another thing might me to not buy anything new until you’ve completely unpacked — so that every thing has a space — and then get rid of what doesn’t work and swap it with something to make it work at the same time. Go room by room, get everything put away and organized, and then search for the missing pieces over time via an ongoing monthly budget?

  3. A thought – keep it simple and think before you buy. Houses own you in many ways, so be prepared. I expect you are, though!

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