First to $100k wins! WE HAVE A WINNER!

A few years ago, I started a race with Hubs. It was a race to 100k.

The rule was the first to 100k in individual solo accounts, wins. He had been saving a while and had a bit of a head start, but I was eager. I had just finished paying off my student loans and I was hungry for retirement savings.

At first, I didn’t tell him about it. I was the underdog and it was my race, so I took whatever head start I could get!

I got to saving, then I told him, then we both got to saving.

Then I realized I was the biggest jerk in the world and canceled the race. Turns out its not a wise move to prioritize vacations over retirement saving. Lesson learned.

We maxed out all retirement accounts, saved for a house, saved for a vacation and moved on. With everything on auto-pilot, it was easy to think about other things. I still tracked our accounts on my handy spreadsheet every month, but then we bought a house and canceled our internet. With so many house projects and no ability to stare at my Vanguard account, I focused on other things.

I completely forgot about the race.

It wasn’t until one sleepy Saturday morning that I remembered. I was laying in bed, wishing I was still asleep, when Hubs called me into his office.


He pointed to the screen. Bright screen. Groggy eyes.Β What am I looking at?

He had his 401k account up on the screen. It read — $100,243.

Six Figures.

He did it!

He was so proud. I was so proud of him. He won the race!

It wasn’t until later that I remembered the real rules of the game. I opened my spreadsheet and realized he had won the official race a few months earlier, but this felt so much better than two accounts together. This was 6 figures in one account! It was an extra digit!

Later that day, while we were driving around running errands, the car got quiet. “I didn’t think I would get to 100k. I’m so proud of myself. I wish I could tell someone. …. This isn’t the kind of thing you tell people.”

Lucky for him, I happen to write about money on the internet. This is his celebratory post.

Happy 100k Hubs! Proud of you!

Here’s to 200k and beyond!Β You’ll be there before you know it!