To Thy Own Splurge Be True


I am frugal.

You are probably frugal too. (You are reading a financial blog, after all).

But here’s the magical thing about frugality. It is personal and everyone’s version is different.

I can choose to cut my own hair, wear my clothes until they are worn through, and cook from home most days.

You could do your own car maintenance, staycation, and keep the thermostat at 55 degrees in the winter.

Our fellow frugal compatriot could bike to work, split rent with 4 randos from Craigslist and drink Folgers coffee.

There is nothing wrong with any of these versions of frugality. Each is a different manifestation, highlighting different comfort levels and skill sets.

Inherent in each variation of frugality is a different thread of splurge.

I love to vacation in not so economical places.

You many love your coffee shop coffee and have a maid service come every two weeks.

Our fellow frugal compatriot has a super sweet gaming PC.

That’s all great! I refuse to throw shade on other people’s splurges. Frugality is a conscious choice to cut back in certain areas of life. To save where we can save. That opens the door to have the ability to spend where we choose to spend.

This is your life.

To thy own splurge be true.


7 thoughts on “To Thy Own Splurge Be True

  1. Great advice! I have my very cherished splurges (housekeeper, eating out, travel) and I sometimes feel judged by the personal finance community for them. But ironically, as a physician, I feel judged by my colleagues for not spending more money on the things that aren’t important to me (designer clothing, fancy house, new car). “To thy own splurge be true” is a very good mantra for figuring out what works best for you and not for everyone else.

    • The PF world can be so judgy if your splurges don’t align with their approved splurges. But then you face a bunch of Docs and their expectations? So long as you’ve got both camps upset with you, I think you are in a good place!

  2. This is what I try to remember when I hear about how much money everyone else is saving in X, Y or Z category. We focus saving in some areas so that we can spend (relatively) guilt-free in others.

    Bravo on cutting your own hair, by the way. I couldn’t manage it even if my hair *weren’t* layered.

  3. Love this! I just had a commenter on my blog tell me what we spent last year could not be possibly considered frugal. Frugal is so personal, we splurge where we feel it’s important and still are living way below our means. Thanks for saying what needs to be said!

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