I took a sip of Kool-Aid

Over the last 2 years or so, I’ve been learning about a special kind of Kool-Aid. I wanted to know how to make it and what was involved. I wanted to learn about what happened after you drank it and what could happened. Am I going to get a blue tongue that won’t go away? Is it going to get all over my face? I don’t want to be the dirty blue Kool-Aid face kid.

I started acquiring the tools to make the Kool-Aid. I found a really big bucket. It’s clean. Don’t worry. It’s also a good bucket because it doesn’t have any holes in it. A bucket with holes is no good for this kind of Kool-Aid (or any Kool-Aid really). Check your bucket! Does it have holes?? NO?? Good.

Then I started adding water to the bucket. At first, it wasn’t much. It was basically a wet bucket. You can’t make Kool-Aid with a wet bucket. You need more water in the bucket. So I kept adding water. When I got more water, I would add some to the bucket. I wouldn’t dump all my water in the bucket, but I gave about half the water I had.

I learned to make the Kool-Aid from this guy with a mustache and a family with a really tall dog. They introduced me to a guy who plays with dinosaurs and this lady who has hearts for eyes. They all showed me how to create the magically packet of goodness. The packet, when added to the water, was beautiful.

What sort of Kool-Aid am I making? The best kind. Financially Independent Kool-Aid.

I took a sip. Delicious. I gave some to Hubs. He took a hesitant sip, but drank none the less.

We’ve both had a taste of the Kool-Aid. And it was good.

Now I have to keep filling this bucket.