Today is the day.

I made my final student loan payment this morning. Paid in full. I thought it would take until next payday to get there. But as seems customary this close to payoff, Hubs and I decided it was best to tap into savings and be done. So, we are done.

I don’t have student loan debt anymore.

That’s a pretty cool thing to be able to say. While I was in school, that’s what I wanted more than anything. Now that it’s here, it feels like a lie when I say it out loud. My inner monologue rejects the idea. “Of course you have student loan debt. You graduated from law school 2 years ago. All law school grads have debt.

I don’t have student loan debt.

Being free of student loans feels great, but I don’t know what else that means. I’ve tried to put my thoughts into words, but nothing feels right. Perhaps it doesn’t mean anything right now because nothing is different yet. Just like before, nearly my entire paycheck went toward my debt. It’s kind of like I’ve been working for free for the last year. #slavelabor

It might be perfect for me to pay off my loans 2 weeks early. I was preparing for April 10 to be different. Now, April 10 will be different. When I get my first post-debt paycheck, I’ll be able to keep it. I won’t have a minimum payment, I won’t have an extra payment. I won’t have a payment. It will be me and my money, together at last.

How does it feel? It’s a huge relief, but it’s weird. I’ll probably cry later, but that’s just how I process things.

What’s next? Not quite sure. I’ve got savings accounts to refill, delayed purchases to act on, and a lot of stuff to save for: Travel, a house, more travel.

It has been an empowering journey over the last year or so. I’ve learned a ton about money and even more about myself. Who knew talking about money on the internet could be so entertaining and enlightening. Thank you to everyone that’s been along for the ride.

Now I have to learn how to save. Eek!


21 thoughts on “Today is the day.

  1. Congratulations!!!!!! I’m curious about how the transition will go from debt payoff to saving for us as well (though our transition will be at least a couple of years from now…) so I look forward to hearing more!

  2. That is so awesome! Huge, huge congratulations! You must feel amazing right now–and you should :). Hope you and your hubs have a (frugal 😉 ) celebration this weekend! That’s so exiting that you can start making other plans for your money now too!!

  3. Congrats! That’s so awesome…I’m likely 5 weeks from being there myself. I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t feel different, either. But to see that money go into my savings account instead of towards debt…I hope that will feel great.

  4. I’m just beginning to repay my student loans, I can’t even imagine how you must feel. Congratulations!!

  5. I hop you’re feeling awesome! However, I personally felt really happy, then mildly anticlimactic, and I think that’s normal too if that’s how you end up feeling over the next few weeks. It took me a little while to get as excited about saving as I was about paying down debt (I’m definitely there now, I love putting $$ in my savings funds.) Anyway: so many congratulations! This is great news!

  6. I feel like this is one of those things that’s super anti-climatic. It’s astounding to be debt-free and I’m so happy for you and the hubs, but I can imagine it’s hard to process until you start “seeing” that freed up money going to somewhere else. Then you’ll have a better understanding of how amazing it is to be a law school grad who doesn’t have debt after 2 years. That’s ridiculous!!!

    • Super anticlimactic. I don’t think there is anything as important that could be more anticlimactic. I should have had Hubs rig balloons to fall from the ceiling. That would have been sweet. I’m pretty excited for it to sink in. I’ll just save until then 😉

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