January 2015 Recap

January was a powerful month. For the first time, in what could be our entire relationship, Hubs and I have a common drive pushing both of us. It’s tangible and feasible. Good gracious, it’s motivating the heck out of us. We found our Holy Grail.

In accordance with our Holy Grail, we cashed out our Down Payment Fund and split it between my Roth IRA and my loans. You’ll see the final result is pretty awesome.

On top of an amazingly motivating goal, I was rewarded with a sweet raise and bonus at work this month. I must be doing something right. 🙂 To make matters even more awesome, my boss told me this week that he’s trying to promote me. We’ll see if he’s successful. If he is,  I’ll be looking for a contractor to build my Scrooge McDuck pool. Please send any recommendations my way.

January wasn’t all roses. I got some bad news (that I already knew) about my physical health. Essentially, my laziness and poor eating over the last 5 months robbed me of all progress I made with my health last year. How Rude! I’ve gained back a bunch of weight and I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone. I worked so hard to get where I was and it’s gone.

I was so focused on Debt last year that I let my health slip away, which is so stupid because paying off debt is no more than going to work and watching my spending. There is no reason I can’t add proper eating and a bit of body moving to my to do list. Tracking my debt has worked wonders to keep me motivated with my monies, now I need to implement a system for my tummy.

Ok. back to positive.

Debt Progress

  • End of December Student Loan Debt: $15,908
  • End of January Student Loan Debt $6,340

Those numbers don’t deceive you. I annihilated $9,568 worth of student loan debt this month. Weeeeeeeeee!

Sorry. Can’t finish the post. Too busy dancing.

How was your January? Do you have any motivational health advice?


12 thoughts on “January 2015 Recap

  1. WOW.

    OK, now that that’s over with…hear me out here, because I’ve recently lost 7 lbs after being stuck for a decade. And the only thing I notice different is that I’m using cash at the grocery store, which limits my spending on things like cookies and cheese. I’m waiting a few weeks to see if this is real or if I’m going to creep back up again, but if it sticks I’m going to write a post on the All-Cash Diet. 🙂

    Awesome to see that much loan debt gone! Wheeee!

    • Thanks C! We’ve been meal planning the last couple weeks, though somehow cheese always makes it into the cart! We’ve shifted to eating nearly every meal at home and I think that will be a great help. Restaurant portions are so gigantic!!

  2. Holy Freakin’ Moly!!! You just slayed nearly 5 figures of debt in ONE MONTH!!! My jaw is on the ground.

    As for the health thing… I’m right there with you. I’ve gained more weight than I’d like to admit, but I find it so hard to workout in the winter because I’m a runner, but not hardcore enough to get cleats, etc. Soooo, I bought a punch pass to the local indoor track. Totally worth it.

    And eating at home, and meal planning has been immensely helpful. Even if the food isn’t super uber healthy, it’s all fresh or no-salt, whole food style stuff. I try to eat at clean as possible without being obnoxious about it.

    Working out needs good fuel, which pushes me to eat and make better food, because I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to run the day after eating a Big Mac – UGH! I want to die 🙂

    • I Know. Holy freakin’ Moly is right. It doesn’t feel real. Using our House Down Payment fund feels a lot like cheating, but it’s cheating for all the right reasons.

      As for health, food was my down fall so I’ve been focusing there. I ate clean when I was doing really well with my workouts. I’m getting back into it. Taking my lunch to work and meal planning at home has been an excellent start. I’ve been really good for the last 2 weeks! Now, I need to get my butt in gear. Cant. be. lazy.

  3. Follow @BeFitMotivation on Twitter, reduce carbs intake, and drink a glass of water before each meal so you’ll feel more satisfied with smaller portions and consume less calories. 🙂 Also, congrats on the raise and bonus.

  4. That’s AWESOME! Huge congrats! You are tearing up that debt–nice! The power of a focused, joint goal is the most motivating thing in the world (in my opinion 🙂 ). I’m so happy for you!!!!

  5. Congrats on that debt. It will be gone before you know it. As far as health, winter is really hard. I think it’s maybe our natural response to want to put on our warm layer for the cold, even if we aren’t out in the elements like the cave people! My goal is usually to try and eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day. If I can do that, there isn’t as much room for other stuff. Good luck!

    • Thanks Kim! My aunt calls her warm winter layer “putting on the bear,” and that could totally be what this is. Good tip on the fruits and veggies. I’m pretty good about incorporating them, but I don’t track them. Putting Fruit and Veg first certainly curbs other eating!

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